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A home run by Joey Gallo scored the chase

A home run by Joey Gallo scored the chase

The final day of April 3 left moments loaded with plenty of power, as 23 home runs were hit, one of which was an important record for the team as a whole. Citizens of Washington that participate Juan Soto and Joey Gallo.

The capital team received a visit from those who, at the time, were undefeated in the season that had just begun, Pittsburgh Pirates.

In fact, the Pirates took the lead in the same second half, but at the bottom of the same loop, thanks Joey Gallothe Nationals scored a huge home run.

against the starting pitcher, Mitch Kellerstood Gallo in the batter's box, who, with one ball and no strikes, managed to hit a cutter that went to the plate at 88.6 mph.

Home by Joey Gallo Chase by Juan Soto

The ball came off the racket 109 mph On a 34 degree sloped overpass, which had a long ride that ended 447 feet at National ParkWhen it was Joey's first home tour.

The aforementioned home run, in addition to the addition of the first for Washington, became the second longest hit by a player from the National Team since April 12, 2022, when Juan Soto Connected one in front Atlanta Braves.

The Dominican arrived with a length of 451 feet, an exit speed of 112.5 and an angle of 28 degrees. Truist Park From Georgia. A curious fact is that this was the 100th anniversary of his career MLB.

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An incredible record that is still valid Juan Soto With the longest distance on the team's ground Citizens of WashingtonIn about two years.

Without further ado, I leave you to enjoy both hits…