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A bluetooth device is implanted to pass a medical examination

A bluetooth device is implanted to pass a medical examination

The student admitted that the ENT surgeon put a skin-colored Bluetooth device in his ear.

What they were before scraps of paper with answers or write on the body In strategic areas, it is now replaced by electronic devicesBut the end is one: cheating to pass the exam.

Before, people used to write the answers in different areas of the body or on paper, but now they enter a file bluetooth device In the ear for exam answers, as did a young student in India.

The Medical Student A device has been implanted Bluetooth technology In the ear to pass the final test of the race, but was caught, the dean of the Mahatma Gandhi memorial reports Faculty of medicineSanjay Dixit.

“I was taking the exam. General Medicine On Monday, when an eligibility team from Davy University Ahiliya Bay led by its deputy principal Rachna Thakurarrived at the scene and arrested the student,” Dixit said.

It was detected that the student had connected his cell phone to a bluetooth device.

The student admitted that the ENT surgeon put mini bluetooth device The color of the skin in the ear.

“The Devices have been stolen And the answer sheets were seized,” Dixit reported.

In addition, this was said to be the man’s last chance to pass the exam, as he had been failing it for 10 consecutive years, it was reported. Hindustan Times newspaper.

But this is not the only case that has been discovered, but another boy who had a small SIM card and a small Bluetooth device, but told authorities it was not surgically inserted, but can be removed with a pin.

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