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Today, science is presented as outrageous

After a short arc, I’m back to call my readers observer. A few days ago something happened responding to the title of this note. He was a citizen who had traveled to Argentina and had to undergo a smear in order to return. They offered him several addresses where he could do this. He chose a private institute and attended. He was waiting for the result to come to his phone via email. Many hours passed and our dear friend began to worry that he had not received any information.

For professional reasons he went to a meeting and there he commented on what was happening to him. He added that he had not received any response from the laboratory. What’s more, he called and the operator gave him a place in the queue.

Professional meetings are always fun moments. One of the participants, listening to the case of our compatriot, recalled that his niece was a doctor at the institute where the analysis was carried out. Contact her on WhatsApp. It was 400 km from the Argentine capital. He asked them to provide him with some data and that he would get an answer right away. The full names and surnames of our friend were. I got an answer quickly. What happened and why did the institute not report it immediately?

The young professional sent the negative result of the test, attached the certificate specified for the test and carefully read the email sent to our friend who did not receive it. Something happened.

Some email addresses in our country have a “buy” mark at the end of the address. For this reason, when the patient’s email address was written down, the ending “.uy” was omitted.

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“Today science expects it to be outrageous.” The example you gave helped me verify the truth of this sentence, as well as consider the details as important.