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250 people participated in Opportunity 2023, which addressed digitalization in the service of well-being in the workplace

250 people participated in Opportunity 2023, which addressed digitalization in the service of well-being in the workplace

On October 27, the 20th session of the Health Organizations Forum was held under the title “Technological advances in the service of well-being in the workplace”, within the framework of the European Health and Safety Week, as a media partner of the European Agency. Since 2013. A total of 250 people followed this dayloaded Knowledge, experiences and cases of good practice, In an event that can be followed in person, At headquarters Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), as well as onlinewith attendance at the national and international levels.

Participate in the initiative Marta UrrutiaDirector of Communications at the European Health and Safety at Work Agency (EU-OSHA), who presented the keys to the European Agency’s new campaign: “Healthy workplaces, safe and healthy work in the digital age”.

In his online presentation, Urrutia noted, “Digital technologies move faster than any other innovation in our history, and they are transforming our society, providing workers and businesses in all sectors with greater opportunities.At the same time It poses significant health and safety challenges and risks“.

In this regard, he stressed that “Despite the increasing use of robots, laptops, smartphones and devices, less than one in four workplaces (24%) in the EU have discussed the potential impact of these technologies on the safety and health of workers, so it is essential to raise awareness, provide practical resources and share Good practices, providing a human-centered approach to managing digital technologies in the workplace“.

The campaign aims to develop Highlights the risks and opportunities of technology, To help companies on the path to digital transformation in the service of worker safety and well-being.

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The day continued with an intervention JUAN GARCIA SANCHEZ CEO & FOUNDER OF EXPONENTIA, Expert in safety culture and innovation, with more than 20 years working in health and safetyAssisting those responsible for prevention departments in famous companies.

In his presentation, on How to enhance strategy through technologypresented by Garcia Sanchez Review AI applications already in usewhether in the field of safety and health or in other areas to improve people’s safety and Competence in the daily life of those responsible for health, safety and environment departments. He stressed that when taking advantage of technology “It is necessary to analyze what we want to solve in each business, prioritize projects based on effort, investment and expected return, define profiles to implement tools effectively, and make prototypes before large investments to have a greater guarantee of success in their application. .“.

As he ate today The transformative power of AI in personal protective equipment (PPE), On hand Mercedes Sanchez Head of Innovation Department – Promoting Occupational Safety and Health, V Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV).

In the field of human resources, we had the pleasure of hearing from senior expert, Laura Rossello, who explained how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing people management, effective use of the workforce, and improving employee experiences. .

In the section dedicated to applications of artificial intelligence in occupational health and safety, Joaquim Ruiz Bosch, CEO of Prevencontrol, participated, whose presentation focused on how innovation can be a powerful tool for improving employee well-being.

The section designated for the agenda was Mar Moyano, Aquasalud Team Coordinator (People and Culture Area), And Roberto Ruiz, HRBP/PRL Quinton Biotechnology Laboratories. Two leading organizations in the world of workplace well-being, which explained their strategies, mechanisms and tools to enhance the field of human resources, to promote the best emotional and physical state of employees.
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Mar Moyano, Aquasalud Team Coordinator (People and Culture Area), He stressed that at Aquaservice they adhere to the commitment to well-being, a measure rooted in the business culture.We care deeply about the health of our teams and have taken important steps to ensure their safety. Aquasalud is not just a program; It’s the philosophy that changed our company. Through technological innovation, especially with tools like Aquapeople, we encourage communication, personal and professional development, creating an environment that supports physical and emotional well-being. Additionally, our commitment to safety and health is reflected in our Prevention Management Program, supported by advanced technology to ensure a safe working environment. This comprehensive well-being strategy not only improves the quality of life of our teams, but also enhances their commitment and satisfaction, contributing to improved physical and emotional well-being in the Aquaservice work environment.“. Roberto Ruiz, HRBP/PRL Quinton Biotechnology Laboratories He explained the company’s priority to promote team well-being, implementing measures such as condensed working hours, which began in 1996, and the Family Responsible Company certification, which allowed recognition by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Health at Work in 2013 for its good practices. The company’s luxury project is based on three pillars: success, sports and luxury. In terms of digitalisation, the company is also an example of initiatives such as promoting a specific mentoring programme, where the team that uses the most digital mentors the team that is the most analogue, generating a level of greater interaction between the entire workforce, and increasing the efficiency levels of each area through collaboration between the colleagues themselves. “This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Marketing, IT and People. Through this project, we achieved that 100% of employees had knowledge and skills about technology, which allowed us to advance the implementation of internal digital tools (internal communication form, signature) and at the same time, we developed specific training on digital addiction and digital disconnection, promoting good use.“Ruiz highlighted. The event ended with the word A DEBO community visit to IBV to learn about the facilities and main work areas of the instituteThe event concluded with an original family photo, a thermal image, giving a technological touch to the traditional photo that brought the event to a close.
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