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Boundaries as protection of personal space and well-being zone

Boundaries as protection of personal space and well-being zone

Set boundaries It’s that imaginary line that many people draw to protect… Psychological health And the mental in relation to situations or people. Setting boundaries is a resolution, Generally difficult because it generates a lot Conflicts. You have to find the way and the moment when you decide to start setting boundaries. When you do this, you should know that it does not happen in the blink of an eye, but rather it takes time practical, But it’s worth it just for you Inner peace.

Setting boundaries is a way to respect yourself and others because it is possible to say no. without He is violent. Saying “no” is related to Respect my self. It’s a process in which both concepts feed each other: You have self-esteem to avoid thoughts that might paralyze you, but when you set boundaries, you’ll have more trust In you and more love You will feel better about yourself, so encourage yourself Self-development And decision making.

Set boundaries in different situations

  1. At work. It is important to be there direct connection And talk about your problems, such as if you have a workload or if you are abusing your request for services. Work is an environment in which it is difficult for us to show ourselves as we are, but this must be done because far from the world of work, there is personal life.
  2. in a relationship. the Open communication It is one of the cornerstones of a relationship. Boundaries should be healthy and each member of the couple should have their own boundaries Private spaceWhether alone with oneself, sharing with other friends, or enjoying leisure time.
  3. with friends. You should also set boundaries on friendships. You can’t be in all the plans and for everyone.
  4. With family. It is one of the most difficult areas to set limits on, but at the same time it is very difficult necessary Because many family members, with the idea of ​​kinship, abuse trust and make decisions without asking permission and on issues that do not concern them. Being a relative does not absolve you from respecting the life of your loved ones.
  5. In social networks and technology. How many times have you looked at a social media post and spent time scrolling without even realizing it? You must be Conscious And do not be drawn into the magnet of social platforms.
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How to set boundaries without being aggressive

The problem most people have when it comes to setting boundaries is that doing so is difficult for them. violent To avoid conflict, they left everything. There are ways to do this without the other person receiving the message too forcefully.

  1. Use I, better than you. When you want to express something that’s bothering you, it’s best to do so by showing how you feel (“I feel bad about this…”), but don’t do it with an accusing finger of “You did me…” because this conversation will not end well.
  2. Be clear, specific, and use positive language. The more detailed the requirements, the better. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t want you to be late,” you could phrase it like this: “I want you to arrive on time for the meeting.” It sounds nicer and ultimately has the same meaning and seeks the same goal.
  3. Offering alternatives. The rejection does not have to be outright. The maximum is to decide about your life. For example, if someone asks you to meet for a drink and it always happens when that person suggests it or when it suits them, you could say one day “No, I can’t that day, but if you want we can meet that other day.” “
  4. Use kind, non-accusatory language. It’s about setting healthy boundaries to reach an agreement That situations do not overwhelm you, and that others do not manage your life.
  5. He listens. Setting boundaries for certain situations corresponds to emotional closeness. By truly listening you can reach better understanding between people.
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