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Zamora urologist Fernanda Lorenzo enters the Academy of Medicine in Salamanca

Zamora urologist Fernanda Lorenzo enters the Academy of Medicine in Salamanca

The Zamoran Maria Fernanda Lorenzo GomezProfessor at the Department of Surgery at the University of Salamanca, specializes in UrologyI entered this Thursday in Royal Academy of Medicine Salamanca. A resident of the city of Zamoran Villacampo (1968) Dr. Lorenzo Ho Head of the Urology Service From Salamanca Hospital and Teacher From Chara University.


The event was held in Salinas Hall Of the higher schools of the university it was also headed by ZamoranoFrancisco Santiago Lozano Sanchez, president Royal Academy Medicine in Salamanca. And he was helping him ana martin suarez, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and Social Affairs at USAL; candido Martín Luengo, Vice President of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Salamanca; And Juan Fernando Massa Jimenez, Secretary General of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Salamanca.

Fernanda Lorenzo, at some point during the event

In the session after reading minutes From the elections, María Fernanda Lorenzo Gómez gave the entry speech.Contribution of vaccines In Management infection In the tract Urinary“, answered the doctor Clement Morell.

in excited Speech, Fernanda Lorenzo spoke about life an effort And work. It was in favor of doctors Travel Off to meet Systems Health services in other countries, one of the most important Critics Focused on excessive burden bureaucracy Which professionals must face.

Fernanda Lorenzo is The fourth woman of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Salamanca, whose jurisdiction extends not only in this province, but also in that province Zamora, Avila, Segovia and Cáceres.

The woman from Zamora stands with a group of academics after giving her entrance speech

he Enter The urologist happens just one month after the one done by another Zamora, which is Hematologist Maria Victoria Matthews. The doctor gave an entrance lesson to the academy that focused on him multiple myeloma, As a disease model to develop investigation Within the specialty of hematology.

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letter Matthews His former colleague at Salamanca Hospital, Dr. Maria, answered Consuelo del Canizo. Zamora is a very good county an actress At the Royal Academy of Medicine of Salamanca, where there are names like that Jose Miguel Diego (From Ferreras de Arriba, Internal Medicine), Manuel Angel Franco Martin (From Granja de Moruela, Psychiatry), Alberto GomezAlonso (Morales de Toro, surgeon), Felipe Gomez Toranzo (Villalpando, ENT) or the above Francisco Lozano (Zamora, Vascular Surgery).