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110 registered people joined the Professional Council for Economic Sciences

110 registered people joined the Professional Council for Economic Sciences

110 new members have been added to the Professional Council of Economic Sciences (CPCE), professionals from different locations in MisionesWho decided to practice the profession legally, appreciating the importance of ethical commitment whether with their peers or with society in general.

To welcome them, the Professional Council of Economic Sciences held a welcome event where professionals who registered for CPCE registration in the September 2022/2023 period were the protagonists of the evening, accompanied by family members and authorities.

The first words of welcome were from the President of the Foundation, Accountant General Mariano Amablewho appreciated the professionals’ decision and listed the benefits of being part of CPCE.

“It is not only a legal step, but also a vital one, because Belonging to a professional council is a wonderful experience, to live it and feel it as if it were your own. He emphasized that he belongs to all of us. At the same time, he encouraged new entrants to participate in institutional life, in the various committees, training and social and sporting activities, according to the interests developed both at the Posadas headquarters and in the numerous delegations distributed throughout the country. The expansion of the province.

They were also welcomed by the Chair of the Youth Committee of Public Accountants, Angela Burnet, and representatives of the Professionals Fund, President Horacio Hurut, Director Pablo Davina and Youth Committee Coordinator, Macarena Schulz.

The latter has been strongly focused on The importance of thinking about retirement but also about all the benefits that the fund gives them while developing their career.

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Welcome. The new recruits were accompanied by family members and authorities.

On behalf of the heroes of the evening, Accountant General Candela Sartori delivered a speech on behalf of the new enrolleeshighlighting the great responsibility that comes with being professionals in economic sciences, where The decisions they make “can have a significant impact on people’s lives, so we must act with moral integrity and responsibility.”This is due to the trust placed in them by customers, employers and society in general.

In her words, accountant Sartori emphasized the importance of registration “not only to comply with legal regulations but also to maintain high ethical values, continue professional development, protect the interests of clients and society, as well as strengthen credibility and trust in the profession.”

Another point highlighted by the new entrant was how important it was “to have the support of other colleagues who have followed their path as an example to us and to have the support of CPCE, as an organisation”.