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How to live in Denmark, the happiest country in the world for people over the age of 60, according to a global report

How to live in Denmark, the happiest country in the world for people over the age of 60, according to a global report

Denmark has held the top positions in happiness for several years

lives in Denmark It is described as a unique experience based on principles Social welfare and equality And a deep sense of personal and collective satisfaction. The Danes, especially the people Over 60 yearsThey enjoy high levels of happiness thanks to a range of social, economic, cultural and personal factors, according to a report conducted by the coalition of pollsters. Gallup, Oxford University And the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

in denmark, Education and health care are free, including collegeWhich removes major financial concerns for its citizens. Access to basic services allows Danes, from a young age, to develop in an environment of equal opportunities. in addition to, Retirement system The government ensures that the basic needs of older Danes are covered, allowing them to age without economic shocks.

One expert said Denmark is a financially sound country, has a long life expectancy and low levels of corruption (Image illustration Infobae)

The Danes, especially People over 60 years oldEnjoying high levels of happiness thanks to a combination of social, economic, cultural, and personal factors. “I think the evidence is very clear… you are more likely to be happy if you live in a welfare state than if you don’t,” he said. Søren Harno-ClausenProfessor of Philosophy at Department of Cultural Studies Follower University of Southern Denmark to Huffington Post.

This happiness derived from security and stability is complemented by the attention that Danes pay to small things and basic goods, which, according to experts, are the true sources of well-being. “In general, what satisfies people the most and gives them the greatest happiness are the so-called personal goods.”Clausen noted. People over 60 find particular satisfaction in intrinsically rewarding activities, such as developing personal interests that are motivated not by obligations but by personal pleasure.

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Happiness in Denmark is also driven by a culture of trust and meaningful relationships. “People know they can trust their neighbors and the authorities.”Clausen said. It also highlighted how mutual trust contributes significantly to overall well-being. This sense of security and belonging is crucial, especially for older adults, who value deep, meaningful personal connections.

The report is based on six main variables of happiness: GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, having someone to rely on, freedom to make life decisions, generosity, lack of corruption (Midjourney – Infobae)

According to the report, the happiest countries for people over 60 are:

  1. Denmark
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. Sweden
  5. Iceland
  6. New Zealand
  7. Holland
  8. Canada
  9. Australia
  10. United State
In general, most people are happier at an early and later age (pictogram information)

he World Happiness Report 2024 Provides an in-depth analysis of how people of different ages experience happiness at different stages of their lives.

The study relies on six basic variables that, as it turns out, greatly affect the level of happiness of individuals.

  • GDP per capita
  • Healthy life expectancy
  • Have someone you trust
  • Freedom to make life decisions
  • generosity
  • Absence of corruption.

The interplay of these factors provides a comprehensive understanding of the determinants of happiness across the lifespan.