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The President of Conset said that social sciences could be postponed in funding

The President of Conset said that social sciences could be postponed in funding

Without publicity, the biotechnologist specializing in cloning and current president of Conicet, Daniel Salamon, was invited yesterday in Cordoba to a meeting on animal and plant production by the Catholic University of that province (UCC). He was warmly received by old acquaintances, among others, and as part of the activities he participated in a relaxed lunch during which he spoke at length about his research.; So much so that it led one attendee to comment that scientists are so passionate about the subject of their study that they always come back to the same thing.

Until at one point, a social science researcher from UCLA College asked him what role he had in store for the humanities. His reaction was not entirely reassuring. According to several testimonies of people who were present, but preferred to keep their identity, He replied that, although all sciences were important, he considered that in the case of adaptation and when “the paper is short”, the humanities could suffer from a greater lack of funding or a reduced number of scholarships allocated to such research..

One scientist commented: “He does not say it directly, but it means deferring funding in favor of lines that develop technology and transportation issues.” He even suggested that these disciplines, which need less budget and less investment, could be transferred to the field of universities, which are more related to universities than to Conset.“.

Another person who attended the lunch commented “It is very difficult to put together what he proposes, because it is not clear.” But it was clear that today's commitment is directed towards technology, transportation, linkages with private companies and internationalization.n. He added: “Although he said he respects social sciences, he admitted that he does not understand some of the work.”

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Moreover, he confirmed that he was following what was being published, and was surprised by some investigations whose titles he found scandalous (such as the much-talked-about investigation into Batman's sexual orientation) and Request to download about thirty from the enterprise repositoryThis has been verified today. His justification was that he “cares about the Conicet brand.”

The message that appears in the Conicet repository when searching certain titles

Social science researchers from Conset Cordoba offered to meet with him and talk more about the topic and explain what is being studied well. “I hope so,” sighed one scientist.

In the afternoon he met with officials of the Scientific and Technological Center of the Mediterranean Governorate and insisted on these ideas. “He never said he would stop funding them 100%, but he reiterated that there is research in the social sciences that does not deserve the same support at the time of the amendment.We are in a time of crisis – as they say -. He realized that many works in the humanities were important, but he considered that our country needed to study poverty and its related issues. “As long as there are hungry children, it is unjustified to fund certain research.”

Regarding layoffs, he did not deny that more could happen. He implied that there were very few in Connisett (less than they asked for). However, he expected that he would be responsible for analyzing them based on individual compliance, because he had “seen extreme licensing cases and other problems.” He stressed that he was doing everything he could to defend the institution whose name they wanted to change.

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And at the same time too Out of orderOther supervisory gestures can be learned. They reach out to various organizations in the scientific system Orders from the Chief of Staff or the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology prohibit them from speaking to the press or issuing institutional publications. To do this, they must ask permission via email from the heads of these departments (Nicolas Bossi and Alejandro Cosentino), who generally do not respond.