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▷ Revealing data on the crisis of science faculties in state universities # November 28

▷ Revealing data on the crisis of science faculties in state universities # November 28

The Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences It revealed important information about the faculties of science in various universities in the country.

The results were obtained after a seminar held with the deans and coordinators of the faculties of the university Universidad Central de Venezuela, Andes, Simon Bolivar, Oriente, Zulia and Carabobo.

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In this complaint, the Academy explains in detail the deficiencies and problems experienced by the faculties of science.

Deterioration of facilities Acts of vandalism the lack of resources to fix it; Also alert A decrease in the number of professors and undergraduate and postgraduate students by between 30 and 40%.

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Another factor in the deterioration of the colleges’ performance relates to the “alarming reduction of full-time professors as a result of mass emigration to other countries or to the private sector, where better salaries and research facilities are offered.”

They continue and point out that teachers are being replaced by professionals who lack experience and academic training.

As final topics, they highlight the lack of computer resources in universities that precludes distance courses, as well as the “reduction in teaching and experimental research activity with a consequent decrease in scholarly publications.”

From the academy they issue an alert for “Systematic destruction«, for the infrastructure and the base Academic and professional universities in Venezuela.

Again, the call is to Nicolas Maduro regime to give the importance it deserves to the “drama of university education”.

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They explained that “the Academy renews, through its members, its commitment to provide its capabilities to assist in its implementation.”

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