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Various National Science Olympiad gold medal winners travel to the United Kingdom

Various National Science Olympiad gold medal winners travel to the United Kingdom

full insurance Four young men of variety were awarded at National Science Olympiad 2022, a competition aimed at stimulating the academic skills of Guatemalan youth. The winners demonstrated great talent and determination, taking home gold medals in categories such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. What a hot pepper! They’ve been honored with trips to Spain and the UK, and we’ll tell you more below.

The 2022 National Science Olympiad seeks to inspire Guatemalans to achieve more

After two years of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Seguros Universales was once again able to award the National Science Olympiad prize. The main award for young winners was A.S A trip to Spain and the UK Until they had the opportunity to get acquainted with three of the most distinguished universities in the European continent: Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of Oxford and Cambridge.

Meet the diverse winners and students who have been stunned by their high academic abilities:

  • Martín Pérez Betancourt, gold medal in mathematics.
  • Jonathan Jose crowned Castellanos, Gold Medalist in Chemistry.
  • Denise Israel Keuk-Oksi, gold medal in biology.
  • José Arturo Aguilar Santiago, Gold Medal in Physics.
Photo Description for the Visually Impaired: The four winners are gathered in a white dome-ceilinged library. (credit: comprehensive insurance)

The winners of the National Science Olympiad 2022 get to know the most important universities in Europe

The young people enjoyed a tour that started in Spain, where they met two brilliant Guatemalans working in important international companies: Marie-Andre Destarac, Doctor of Robotics and Guatemala 2017 Glowing Speaker, currently Head of the Atlas Project at Marsi Bionics and developer of the world’s first pediatric exoskeleton; They were also able to interview Marivi Prez, who works as Director of Product Development for telecom company Telefónica and is the 2020 Guatemalan Speaker of the Year.

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With Marie-André Destarac, they were able to learn about the latest innovations in how children with mobile disabilities can benefit from technology. While with Marivi Briz, they were able to tour said company’s international offices and meet their mentor, Dr. Juan Ignacio Vicente, Director of Innovation at ASTI – ABB and strategic advisor to Pons IP, leading robotics and consulting companies.

Photo description for the visually impaired: The four winners are on a tour of Christ Church, Oxford. (credit: comprehensive insurance)

Later, they went to the UK, where they were greeted by Guatemalans Jose Monge and Anelise Escobar, students from Oxford University. At Cambridge University they met the brilliant Guatemalan professor, physicist, scientist and orator 2008, Fernando Quevedo. Together with him they visited Stephen Hawking’s former officea world-famous scientist, as well as a colleague and friend of Dr. Quevedo.

Finally, the young people took advantage of the visit to meet the Guatemalan ambassador to Spain and visit various tourist sites, such as the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid and two of the most important museums in London: the British Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

Blind Photo Description: The four laureates pose with the Guatemalan flag together with José Monge and Anelís Escobar. (credit: comprehensive insurance)

Mario Tello, Director of Marketing at Universales explained: «The ultimate goal of Universales from this trip is to make young people live an experience that changes their lives and way of thinking, to show them that there are many opportunities to study in a foreign university and that, with the talent they possess, they are able to achieve their dreams and academic and professional goals.

It was a really inspiring experience, congratulations to the young winners! They are the future of our society.

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