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WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results – Cody Rhodes wins the Rumble and challenges Roman Reigns;  Bayley wins the Women's Rumble

WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results – Cody Rhodes wins the Rumble and challenges Roman Reigns; Bayley wins the Women's Rumble

WWE presented the 2024 edition of the Royal Rumble on Saturday night from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Women's Royal Rumble: Bayley won after finishing in second place alongside Jade Cargill, who entered at No. 22 in her WWE debut, and Liv Morgan, who made her return to enter at No. 30. It was Liv who eliminated Cargill but Bayley was able to eliminate her shortly after to win. .

In addition to Cargill and Morgan, other surprises during the match were Naomi coming back at number two and lasting for a large portion of the match. And the appearance of TNA Champion Jordin Grace, who entered in fifth place and gave a good performance.

Nia Jax dominated most of the match, eliminating 8 wrestlers until Cargill was able to push her out of the ring in one of the biggest reactions of the night. Cargill also noted the elimination of Becky Lynch.

R Truth entered part of the match thinking it was a men's match, and was taken out by Adam Pearce.

Fatal Four-Way: Roman Reigns defeated LA Knight, AJ Styles and Randy Orton to retain the Undisputed Championship. In the final moments, Solo Sekoa pulled the referee out of the ring after counting to two. Sekoa hit everyone while the crowd booed. Sequa stacked Knight and Orton on Reigns before exiting the ring. Sekoa was then taken out of the suburbs by Stiles. Knight later attacked Reigns and went for a BFT, but Reigns pushed him into the ropes as Styles prepared for a forearm. Styles fell off the ropes and Reigns speared Styles for the win.

United States Championship: Logan Paul defeated Kevin Owens by disqualification. The end came when one of Paul's friends jumped over the barrier to give him a glove, but the referee sent him off immediately. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller showed up and one of them handed Paul some gloves. Owens grabbed them and hit Paul with them. Owens pinned him and won, but when the referee was about to count to three, he saw the gloves on Owens' hand. The referee disqualified Owens.

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After the match, Owens powerbombed Paul through the announce table.

Royal Rumble for men: Cody Rhodes won the Rumble by ending up alongside McIntyre, Guenther, and CM Punk. Punk eliminates Drew and Cody eliminates Gunther. Cody and Punk fought for a while until finally Punk was about to hit GTS and shouted at him “I won't lose to Dusty's son”, Cody came out and was able to eliminate him.

After the victory, Cody challenged Roman Reigns, who was watching from the heights of the stadium.

Other notes from the Rumble: Jey Uso came in first and Jimmy came in second and they both brawled for a while. Jey managed to keep going for about an hour.

Andrade returned to No. 4. Carlito was able to eliminate Santos Escobar. Sami Zayn returns to enter number 30.