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'Without him I wouldn't be world champion': Max Verstappen once again surrendered to Chico Perez

‘Without him I wouldn’t be world champion’: Max Verstappen once again surrendered to Chico Perez

The final day of Formula 1 determined the world champion and had three champions in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. sergio Checo Perez It was essential for Max Verstappen to achieve a miracle victory over Lewis Hamilton on the last lap, thus crowning the world champion in the biggest class in motorsport.

the Tapatio It was already a wall for the British, even putting his race position in jeopardy, which ended up retiring, with the Dutchman hitting his final stage goal. Mad Max, still surprised by the performance Checo Perez, came back to give him all the credit for his testimony.

The Czechs proved to be the perfect partner for Verstappen

“I’ve already said it in the race, but Checo is a legend. What he did to me in that last race to cut the gap, it was incredible. I’m sure that without him, I wouldn’t be the world champion, I owe him so much.”, explained Verstappen in a recent interview, where he outlined his coronation as world champion.

And indeed, what has been done Checo Perez He stunned the motorsport world, even those not yet close to Formula 1. His impressive display of attitude and quality at the wheel showed that the renewal of the league was a wise decision on Red Bull’s part.

Red Bull trusts his duo to repeat the title next season

With Verstappen’s title complete, not only will the pre-coronation picture of the Dutchman outsmarting Hamilton, it will enter the history books as Tapatio He prevented the Briton from winning his eighth world title. Thus, thanks to the Guadalajara native, Mad Max demonstrated that teamwork trumps talent.

Another Horner’s words praising Chico

Christian Horner is the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing and he is also in charge of what Checo Perez He renewed to be a teammate of the current world champion during 2022. The manager was also responsible for praising the Mexican pilot, in the same interview given by his colleague.

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“Checo played a key role for the team. Defending like a lion against Lewis (Hamilton) until it cost him that time and got a free stop in which we were able to win the championship,” stated the team captain of the famous energy drink brand.