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With vote invalidated, UAEMex political science students protest government council election

With vote invalidated, UAEMex political science students protest government council election

Students of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciencesfrom the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAE), dissatisfied with the election of members of government councils by 88 votes, 2 abstentions, and 450 annuls.

In total, 540 students voted out of a total of 1,318.

They pointed out that the students of the “orange model” were imposed on them by the university authorities, by not allowing the registration of other students, under the pretext of the lack of papers, and even the alleged theft of documents. While none of the enrolled students had a sociology degree, indicating a lack of representation.

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Article 25 of the UAEMex Law states that the Board of Directors of each academic body “It is the collective body with supreme authority and internal hierarchy, and its decisions are mandatory for it and for the members of its community.”

The difference with the process of electing directors

The student community deplored that the August 24 announcement had not been properly published. They pointed out that there were few pamphlets and they were only published in some classes; After that, it was withdrawn.

Voting began at 9 am. however, Students emphasized that they were unaware of the process. Instead, the only shape that participated was orange.

“It is not a representation of a real student. His method of spreading was to stick some papers outside some classrooms. How do they expect students to be aware of this kind of misleading advertisement? Karim, a sociology student, pointed out.

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It is worth noting that On the call, he asks that there be two representatives for each grade. But The orange list consists of political scientists and communication scientistsWith the exclusion of students of sociology and management of social networks.

“We are saying that there are no more options, and the purpose of voting is that there are more shows, more models that represent the best way, so we have the right to choose,” Carmen said.

Students request that a representative list of advisors be filled in. Photos: Yessa Garcia

meeting with the authorities

In a meeting with the director of the college, Laura Benhomia, The student body denounced that the participants were orange in shape They claimed that they represented a degree incompatible with them.

for this part, The authorities stated that the vote could not be canceledAnd the Because it will restrict the right to vote for students. However, Patricia, a sociology student, mentioned that The solution to rethink the call is to use a null vote.

It was said that we can’t stop people from voting, but we can vote again, a new look. Regarding this, basicallyAnd the syo Voting has been cancelled. In other words, if we win by eliminating votes, we can again look for a new campaign and then merge more lists with the real actors”It is to explain.

Sociology students and dissatisfied networks

By not participating in the payroll, Students of sociology and social network management degrees expressed their disapproval because their needs could not be met.

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“We want real sociologists to represent real sociologists or real network managers to represent network managers.. Since there is very little material given to us and since we are bringing a changing curriculum behind us, it is clear that a problem arises between the material we have to take and the subjects we need and we have a lot of lag”.

Contrasting students of sociology. Photos: Uriel Garcia