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with video!  … Alejandro Fernandez was caught at a Taylor Swift concert

with video! … Alejandro Fernandez was caught at a Taylor Swift concert

Alejandro Fernandez/Courtesy

Alejandro Fernandez was caught by a follower as he arrived at a concert by Taylor Swift in Los Angeles as part of her The Eras Tour.

Although the Mexican singer was like another assistant, one of those present did not remain in doubt, and after he began to record it, he confirmed that he was the translator of “I dedicate myself to your loss.”

The person responsible for sharing the surprising moment was digital creator Joe Andaloro, who wrote through his TikTok account @joy.of.everything:

Alejandro Fernandez/Courtesy

Alejandro Fernandez/Courtesy

“A spectator saw Alejandro Fernandez, a Mexican singer, son of the late great Vicente Fernandez, enter Taylor Swift’s concert in Los Angeles,” the photos read.

In the clip, it is seen how the singer appears with a very casual look of a sweatshirt, shorts, sandals, hat and glasses, while observing some details of the place where the event will take place, while he is waiting for his current partner, Carla Laviaga. who was with some friends.

Immediately afterwards, the artist was surprised to hear his name from afar, and after confirming that he was indeed the son of Vicente Fernandez, he thanked the fan for the gesture with a big smile and greeting from afar.

As expected, letters of astonishment and congratulations did not wait for the regional Mexican fiddler, especially because of the simplicity with which he acted after being caught as a simple fan.

75/85 Wow!!! Pony!!! “,” How simple Alejandro Fernandez is “,” One of the treasures that Mexicana has, son of El Rey don Vicente Fernandez “,” Very easy to enjoy it “and” Son of a legend, but also very well known in Spanish society. He sure has his father’s talent,” these are some of the comments in the video.

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