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Rauw Alejandro says goodbye to Rosalía with a song in which he denies he was unfaithful

Rauw Alejandro says goodbye to Rosalía with a song in which he denies he was unfaithful

Puerto Rican singer Ro Alejandro He released a new song called “Hayami Hannato which he says goodbye Rosaliawith whom he recently broke off after nearly three years together.

The song goes on more than five minutes And it accumulates approx Three million views in Youtube In just fifteen hours.

“One more time I’ll stay here without you, this time I won’t stop you, I say goodbye to you, I wish you a great time,” his words indicate new singlein which it is revealed Pain and frustration by the end of the relationship.

“We argued, it’s hard for me to express myself, all my faults you already know, I also have things to put up with but the option to remove myself never crossed my mind,” he notes in another verse that still regret that “Husbands don’t last anymore, they don’t last long, there are only a few old folks left, so let them tell us their little tricks.”

Rauw Alejandro also mentions The external pressures that the two music stars were subjected to and difficulties distance relationship.

“And I don’t blame you, the life we ​​lead isn’t for everyone, journalism, networking, peer pressure, being apart is harder, easier together, we work nonstop but how far?” he adds.

And it gets romantic when you remember it moments together. “Being in our camp is worth more than all the money and fame, and waking up and seeing you by my side, doesn’t make me want to get out of bed.”

Also leave a file An open door to reunionI gave you everything and would do it again, and finish our little house in case I felt like coming back, today I stop writing to you, not loving you, how can I forget your kisses after that siesta?

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It ends with words of praise Rosalia As an artist: “I know you’d be the best artist, I really don’t think there’s another like you, you’re the most beautiful cover of all the magazines, I’ll know it even if I can’t see.”

the Rumors about the couple’s separation began circulating at the end of July And the urban artist himself Confirm with a message on their social networks On July 26th that already He denied that the reason is infidelity.

Soon after, Rosalía herself launched a message on her Instagram profile asking Respect towards both And the difficult moment they went through. He said at the same time: “I don’t care about movies, we know what we lived through.” Express his love and admiration towards Rauw Alejandro.