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With a starfish, Galilea Montijo is the little mermaid in a swimsuit

With a starfish, Galilea Montijo is the little mermaid in a swimsuit

With a silhouette that has been defined over the years, the Presenter Galilea MontegoShe shows her body in a bathing suit as she floats in the water in between sea ​​stars Like a mermaid, the TV collaborator has stolen thousands of sighs on social networks

She was a perfect tan and a beauty that left no doubt is her look Galilea Montego Pictured in full set with gray print and black stripes showing his marks belly Her legs are highly acclaimed by her fans.

#estrellasdemar They don’t touch, but once I saw them I was so happy, commented in the description that accompanied the post.

Andrea Legarreta’s colleague, Araz de la Torre, Raúl “El Negro”, Ariza, Paul Stanley, Andrea Escalona, ​​Lambda Garcia and Marisol Gonzalez, Martha Galilea Montego Torres, explained that while these marine species are untouchable, don’t miss the opportunity to catch them. In one of your photo sessions.

Thank you for your understanding and respect, they should not be touched or taken out of the water,

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It can be read in some of the comments, among them also various and interesting tributes to fellow Andrea Rodriguez Doria, producer of the famous morning newspaper.

I love you beautiful, marry me, “Bodywer Gali!” , “Waooo photo, waoo I love the swimsuit”, “All a goddess”, the beautiful little mermaid of galileamontijo, what a beautiful place and what a beauty photo gali “,” Good evening Galilea you are so beautiful “,” They were just some Comments.

In the middle of a perfectly natural place,Tabathi“She designed her magic by appearing like a beautiful mermaid while presenting her magic to the sunshine making her shine in the middle of a transparent sea of ​​blue water.

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In the background, you can see some sea stars scattered across the postcard view, very similar to the background Jalisco chose for its multiple sessions on the Hoy range, its native Guadalajara.

Without giving up elegance and style, Martha Galilea Montego was in a totally relaxed mode, wearing ultra-modern iridescent glasses, protecting her eyesight from the strong rays.

The Hoy host once again explains that at 48 she can look flawless and impressive leaving aside many women who are much younger than her.

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The beautiful snapshot shared by the popular Televisa member from her Instagram account was undoubtedly one of her followers’ favorites who interacted with 96,566 likes and many comments.

The wife of politician and businessman Fernando Reina Iglesias, standing on the clear waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez, was in recent vacations on her last vacation in Los Cabos, San Lucas.

It is noteworthy that although it has become one of the favorite postcards of the presenter of “Pequeños Gigantes”, “Hoy”, “Vida Tv”, “La hora de la papa”, etc., it is not the only one that Montijo Torres has taken to show Its sculptural silhouette.

Matteo Reina’s mother squandered her pretty figure in various photos wearing other bathroom accessories that highlighted one or more areas of her symmetrical body, while enjoying the warm waters of Danzants Island in Baja California, one of the destinations she went to. Your deserved vacation.

Undoubtedly, the talented and outstanding personality of television and show In Mexico, he’s been living a memorable week for the past days that Hoy Productions decided to present to him after celebrating its 48th anniversary.

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The queen of fashion and influencer has always managed to surprise with her charisma and beauty, which has led her to gain millions of followers who are admired every time you upload a photo to their profiles.