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Propietaria de una casa de 'Los Picapiedra' llega a un acuerdo con la ciudad que la demandó por sus esculturas de dinosaurios

The owner of ‘The Flintstones’ has reached an agreement with the city to sue her over dinosaur sculptures.


June 28, 2021 02:25 GMT

Florence Fang alleged that Hillsborough officials discriminated against her for being Chinese.

The owner of a controversial home called “The Flintstones” has settled a lawsuit against the US city of Hillsborough, California, after letting her Preserve dinosaurs and other statues Inspired by cartoons of the 1960s, Tells local media.

The controversy began in late 2017 when a city official noted that Florence Fang, a retired businesswoman and editor, had placed large sculptures of cartoon characters, a sign reading “Yabba Dabba Doo” and other landscaping changes on her property. It was considered a public nuisance.

On several occasions they informed the woman to stop the work and warned her not to obtain a special permit to install such things, so she had to make several changes to the property. Because Fang refused to abide by the rulings, the authorities had to appear in court in 2019, but The defendant responded by claiming that she had been discriminated against Because it is Chinese.

Fang’s attorney, Angela Aliuto, said there may have been other residents who didn’t get permits for their statues or restorations, but they didn’t experience the same kind of harassment from the city because they weren’t Chinese.

Finally, the disputing parties came to an agreement allowing the owner to obtain the necessary permits and thus keep the colored characters along with other distractions in her home. In addition, the city of Hillsborough should Paying $125,000 to a woman As compensation for the expenses of the lawsuit.

For her part, Fang vowed to withdraw her allegations of racial discrimination against two city employees who she claimed initially made it difficult for her to obtain her permits.

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