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La Casa de los Famosos 4 Live: Fans give support to Lupillo Rivera

La Casa de los Famosos 4 Live: Fans give support to Lupillo Rivera

As residents ate in the kitchen, the screams of fans gathered outside La Casa de los Famosos could be heard in the background.

Although they also asked the fourth team to stay united, the cry that could be heard most was for Lupillo Rivera.

“Lupillo, bald, you are already a winner!” It can be heard in the background.

Another moment went viral in which Maribelly Rivera allegedly harassed Lupillo Rivera

The issue of harassment within and The famous house 4 It remains in effect because Lupillo Rivera's fans do not agree with the actions taken by one of his residents.

This is Maribe Rivera, a Puerto Rican actress who has been questioned on more than one occasion because of the way she acts, touches or expresses herself towards singer or Jenni Rivera's brother.

Mariana Gonzalez is honest: she confirms that she misses Vicente Fernandez Jr. and that she does not mind publishing her plastic surgery operations

Alone and in front of one of the cameras in his so-called room Mexican Kardashian She broke her silence on what many residents think of her and her physical appearance and also spoke about Vicente Fernandez's son.

Leslie Gallardo: The favorite to be eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 4

Leslie Gallardo Become a member The famous house 4 More controversial due to the constant confrontations he had with Thale García. In this previous sense Acapulco Beach It is trending on social networks due to fans wanting her exit next Monday, February 5, when it will be announced who will be evicted from the second week of the reality show. remote control.

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Manelik González “destroys” Emilio Osorio and Leslie Gallardo after bullying Thale García (Photo: Infobae México / Jovani Pérez)

Sunday's confrontation at La Casa de los Vamosos 4

The residents are preparing for a face-to-face confrontation between themselves and the members of the Popular Committee for the fourth season of the reality show Telemundo, Manelik Gonzalez, Annette Koburu And Horacio Villalobos.

The former host of “Venga La Alegría” did not hesitate to remind the audience of the controversy that apparently ended the family relationship between Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía. Credit: X/@Hugomaldonadotv

'The only raw meat I want to eat is yours': Maribelli's alleged harassment of Lupillo Rivera

During the weekly party night, which in this case had an oriental theme, the famous Puerto Rican actress did not hesitate to show more of her Colorful dictionary And morals, because while the population eats cold meat dishes weekly, Maribelli Rivera I did not hesitate to express the thought which was considered verbal harassment towards him Lupillo Rivera.

“I don't eat raw, The only raw meat I will eat is yours“, the famous woman crossed in front of other stars such as Thalia García and caused Jenni Rivera's brother to temporarily swallow dementia but then she explained to him what he tried to say, despite the great discomfort it created, he remained silent.