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Did Christian Nodal give Belinda a fake engagement ring?  Al-Jawahiri explains this in detail

Did Christian Nodal give Belinda a fake engagement ring? Al-Jawahiri explains this in detail

Finally, a few days ago, Belinda has released her long-awaited single cactus To digital platforms around the world! It drove their fans crazy! Fans!

On this topic, Belinda is celebrating her return to the music scene And he does Adapting to the new trend of lying lanes He caused a lot of controversy due to his apparent involvement with Christian Akdi. Like Shakira, Belinda unleashed her strength and released a hit song, which netizens claim strongly contradicts Nodal.

Thousands of fans have already expressed that they see a lot of references to their ex in the lyrics, and one of the most commented-on details was that Points to the engagement ring Which Christian Nodal presented to the singer in 2021 and according to the jewelry itself, the cost of the ring is approx. 3 million dollars, Positioning itself as one of the most expensive engagement rings.

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Belinda suggests that the engagement ring Nodal gave her was fake

In the song she released on January 31, Belinda stated in one line: “The stone was not real, in keeping with the pretense.”, Presumably he is referring to the huge diamond stone Nodal gave him.

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Was the engagement ring Nodal gave Belinda a fake? A jeweler explains this

used in Tik Tok, a jewelry expert, after listening to the song and seeing the controversy it sparked, began to investigate more about the jewelry. During his investigation, he became aware of rumors that did not have much significance at the time, but now seem to have been confirmed by the song. 89 From Belinda.

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According to the jeweller, the proposal was conceived as a coordinated event between Christian Nodal and the jewelry store responsible for making the ring, as part of a planned collaboration. According to rumors mentioned by the jeweler, after the photo session was completed, the jewelry store employees would ask Belinda to return the ring.


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More theories emerge!

However, although this theory does not seem far-fetched, social networks have questioned why she wears the expensive ring at other events or videos.

Other theories suggest that in cases where the jewel is very expensive, what is often done is to save the original piece and give the wearer an exact replica but of much lower value, i.e. a fake, in order to avoid theft.

Another version circulating on social media indicates that the jewel that Belinda was showing off was an exact copy of the ring, because given the amazing properties of the jewel, it would take the jewelry store at least three months to finish manufacturing the real jewel.

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