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William Levy will tell his “side of the story” after falling out with Elizabeth Gutierrez

William Levy will tell his “side of the story” after falling out with Elizabeth Gutierrez

Cuban actor William Levi He resorted to social media to express his position on the scandals that shook his personal life in recent weeks, after announcing his departure. Final separation from Elizabeth Gutierrezmother of his two children, Christopher Alexander Levy And Kylie Alexandra Levy.

In a message shared on his Instagram Stories to his nearly 12 million followers, Levy expressed: “I have many things to say. I have my version of the story. But I would never do anything that would make my children's mother look bad. I have always prioritized my children's mental health and will continue to do so. What's more, they know who I am and the truth about everything. I will remain quietly dedicated to my children and my career. “I love you all.”


the Recent controversies These include a 911 call Levy made in March, in which she expressed concern about the whereabouts of her 14-year-old daughter, who lives with Gutierrez. But the police were unable to intervene because there was no formal custody agreement between the spouses.

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People in Spanish Details of the domestic quarrels between Levy and Gutierrez at their residence in Florida were revealed, which sparked more controversy.

Heat mix

In the midst of this whirlwind, Levy received words of support from some colleagues and followers, who asked him to remain strong and focus on his children.

The 47-year-old actor, known for his roles in soap operas such as Storm And Monte CristoHe remained silent during most crises. However, his social media message seems to indicate that he is willing to share his side of the story in the near future.

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