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Will Kampa in concert at the University of Medical Sciences of Pinar del Rio

On Monday, Will Campa and the Great Union appeared on the November 27 Square at the University of Medical Sciences of Pinar del Rio, in celebration of the 99th anniversary of the University Students’ Union.

On his impressions, the musician expressed to guerrilla:

It was a very magical thing, a wonderful night full of young people with so much dedication. It was very motivating for me and all the musicians in my group. We needed that chemistry between the audience and what we’re doing. Seeing these guys playing songs with such joy was amazing. It was a night to remember thanks to the guidance of the university and all the students for their discipline. Today I still say: I love our Pinar because they also adore me.”

Will is promoting his album Zapato Nuevo under the label Egrem, which was released six months ago on all digital platforms. It is an audio recording debunking the styles of the Cuban Son and Collaboration with Alexandre Abreu on Trumpets; Amaury Pérez, Havana D’ Primera and Alejandro Falcón on piano and NG La Banda in choirs.

“I hope all Cubans can have it. New shoes to break the floor, dance and enjoy Will Kampa’s music as always “- he points out.

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