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Why does my iPhone 15 Pro get hot?

Why does my iPhone 15 Pro get hot?

Apple cell phone registers temperature issues when using social media apps and games. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

After its launch in September 2023, iPhone 15 (especially the Pro version) exhibited its first problems reported by users, who pointed out that the cell phone Manzana Temperatures reached higher than appropriate, which hurt the user experience.

Although this problem occurred in many Devices It directly affects cell phone devices, Manzana He indicated in a statement that the problem is not due to the components used or the quality of the product, but rather is an inconvenience resulting from a defect in the device. OSThis is a mistake that can be overcome.

“The device may feel warm during the first few days after setting it up or restoring it due to increased background activity,” the company said. However, an additional explanation has been provided: updates from other applications can overload the cell phone system.

In this sense, Apple has confirmed that users will soon receive an update to OS And those platforms that can cause overheating problem are also involved in this process development So that other problems of the same type do not occur. Release 17.1 to internal control Department He doesn’t have an appointment yet launchbut it may take a few weeks before it is distributed.

Apple cell phone registers temperature issues when using social media apps and games. (Manzana)

The company also stated that the applications that contribute to the increase Temperature From cell phone it will be Uber, Instagram and a game famous for its graphics like Asphalt 9: Legends. However, it is not denied that the list could be longer and include other types of platforms.

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The report published by Apple confirms that even when a cell phone gets hot and creates inconveniences when using it, this does not affect the phone’s performance. A17 Pro chip The titanium materials that make up the device are damaged.

On the other hand, it has been pointed out that the overheating of the device has not affected the safety integrity of the iPhone 15 Pro and therefore users are not exposed to any risk when using the cell phone when the problem appears, although in these cases it is better not to do so to avoid overheating. To a greater extent.

Overheating also occurs due to intense gaming sessions or 4K video recording. However, the analyst Ming Chi Kuo Indicates that the thermal design of iPhone 15which aims to achieve a lighter weight, could be the cause of this problem.

Apple cell phone registers temperature issues when using social media apps and games. (Manzana)

Another problem I found in iPhone 15 In its Pro versions, the new titanium case may be more susceptible to getting dirty with fingerprint marks and other smudges. Although this experience does not affect the functionality of the cell phone, it is inconvenient to constantly have to clean the entire cell phone.

Issues with slowness and poor device performance have also been reported. OS internal control Department. It is important to note that this issue may be more related to the recent update of iOS 17 Not with the device itself

Moreover, many app developers are yet to release updates compatible with iOS 17 and newer iPhonewhich may negatively impact user experience and specific functionality.

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In the case of users who have purchased a new cell phone, instances of bans have also been reported when a logo appears Manzana During the initial configuration of the cell phone.

The company quickly fixed the situation with a launch day update internal control Department This error no longer occurs.