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The Simpsons surprises again with another prediction: the Apple Vision Pro

The Simpsons surprises again with another prediction: the Apple Vision Pro

The Simpsons They have generated an unbreakable bond with the community, which strengthens over time. They achieved this not only because of their ability to entertain families, but also because in different chapters they made unexpected predictions. And to lend even greater support to a theory that already seems irrefutable, a new prediction has emerged in the past few hours: They predicted a… Apple Vision Pronew mixed reality glasses (or spatial computing, as the company calls it).

The company was founded in California It usually innovates, although it is making a buzz at this time for its new launch. They are not the first in this field, but they have strange characteristics that make it wrong to mention them as “other VR headsets”.

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To put it in context, it's necessary to highlight (or question) the purpose of paying nearly $4,000 for mixed reality glasses that look like very high-tech glasses (for skiing or diving). There the concept of “mixed” is to distinguish it from two existing categories. One, virtual reality glasses, is a segment it dominates Goal With them skylight And htc with Spiritsalthough there are many casual players (Samsung, Google, Lenovo, among others), which are the most famous: a screen in front of our eyes that places us in a fully immersive digital environment. It essentially strips us of that environment, as glasses do not allow us to see the place around us, thus completing the illusion of being in another place.

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On the opposite sidewalk, augmented reality glasses appear, such as HoloLens to Microsoft: They allow us to see our entire real environment, and some information appears overlaid on the lenses of the glasses; They are mainly of industrial use, allowing, for example, contextual information to appear next to the machine, 'floating' next to it.

Appearance in The Simpsons

The Simpsons They hit the small screen in 1989, and since that year have become one of the most popular series in history. the original people Springfield They tend to anticipate events happening around the world and have already anticipated many sporting, political, social and technological issues.

The Simpsons previews are already part of the community, which has been analyzing the seasons for some time looking for more matches. This year, there was already a technological episode that made noise, and was immediately associated with a chapter. In it, the main characters of the series are visualized with these glasses as they walk through the different places where the action takes place (street, family home, bar, etc.).

Other forecasts

Every time a prediction appears, fans of this yellow family remember the number of events seen first in the cartoon, and then “in real life.” These are some of the most important cases:


Donald Trump President

When he was elected president United StateThousands of people said an episode of The Simpsons from years ago was correct in its predictions. In an episode released in 2000 entitled “Bart for the future“, Lisa He becomes President of the United States and when he is in office The Oval Office of the White Housereferring to his predecessor in office, Donald Trump.


Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl

The singer participated in the program in 2012 and performed for it Springfield In which he flew through the air, just as he did during his halftime performance at Super Bowl in 2017. The Simpsons didn't exactly expect her to perform at the sporting event, but they did expect Gaga to fly above the audience with the help of the belt, just like she did at the Super Bowl halftime show.


Neymar injury

For the quarter-finals of World Cup Brazillocal face Colombia He advanced to the semi-finals (losing miserably 7-1 to Germany). “10” did not make it to the duel against the Teutons, who were injured by a knee in their back Camilo Zuniga He was excluded from the tournament. In The Simpsons Neymar (under an alias) was also injured (in the series' satire he ended up dead), but in a virtual final before Germany Where Homer is the judge.


Coronavirus pandemic

The episode is titled “Marge in chains“From Season 4, a sick Asian worker sneezes on a shipment of juicers that several Springfield residents want to buy, leading to an outbreak.”Osaka fluWhen people panic, they knock over a truck that they think contains the cure, but instead they knock over a box marked “Killer bees“(Killer bees) unleashed a swarm.