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The College of Science resumes the launch of the scientific publishing activity '#Biotechnology!'  – University of California portal

The College of Science resumes the launch of the scientific publishing activity '#Biotechnology!' – University of California portal

More than 170 high school students from the district attended this meeting, which was organized by the Dean's Office, FEBiotec and AsBAn, and focused on an immersive learning experience

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Cádiz, located on the Puerto Real Campus, has resumed the implementation of the Scientific Publishing Initiative #Biotechnology!a procedure that was held in university facilities from 2016 to 2019 and was suspended after the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this occasion, this event brought the scientific specialization closer to more than 170 high school students from various educational centers in the Gulf of Cádiz, awakening the scientific spirit among the students present. Biotechnology farm It is an initiative created by the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists (FEBiotec) and developed in different locations throughout Spain through the member associations that are part of the Federation. In the case of the Association of Biotechnologists of Andalusia (AsBAn), it takes the event to different parts of the South, thus introducing secondary and baccalaureate students through workshops, talks and experiments in the field of biotechnology.

In this new edition, the meeting was organized thanks to the collaboration between FEBiotec, AsBAn and the Faculty of Science, who worked together to offer an immersive and enriching educational experience to all participants of the event.

Biotechnology was the focus of the scientific publishing event, where students were able to implement practices in laboratories and solve research cases related to this field using the results obtained. Specifically, UCA Biotechnology degree students presented innovative research and projects that address global challenges in areas such as food production, health or the environment, thus demonstrating various applications of this branch of knowledge. In addition to the academic sessions, the day included interactive activities and exhibitions that allowed all attendees to delve deeper into the world of biotechnology.

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Likewise, in the coming days, different volunteers will continue to carry out this activity outside the College of Science facilities. In fact, they will be transferred to different centers in the province of Cádiz, as well as in other areas of the Andalusian territory, allowing biotechnology to become an increasingly well-known and accessible science in society.