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Who are the new defendants in the Coral case?

Senior Corruption Network Officials coral s coral 5G took advantage of its location, proximity to the head of state to dramatically increase its assets with money stolen from the state, created a network of companies in the name of related parties, and used trusted military and police officers to carry out millionaire crimes. Transactions.. says the Public Prosecution Office.

These people, relatives and trusted acquaintances of high-ranking officials Adán Cáceres, Julio de los Santos Viola, Juan Carlos Torres Robiou … are the ones who are on the list to complete the 30 accused that the ministry wants to bring to trial for embezzlement from the state, money laundering and other acts of corruption.

Caceres friends

The Specialized Public Prosecutor’s Office for Anti-Administrative Corruption (Pepca) included several close associates of Major General Adán Cáceres, including his son-in-law Santiago Antonio Suárez Peguero. This is the husband of Annabelle Caceres Silvestre, the sister of Major General.

They included him because he appears as Vice President of Jesus Fino, the Ministry of Vive y Vuelve, a religious entity allegedly used to launder money. He also had a 50% stake in MJ3V Agroindustrial SRL, which ran a large-scale pineapple farm that Cáceres could have acquired with illicit money.

Among those from Caceres Kelman Santana Martinez, who was the deputy administrative director and personal assistant to the head of the Presidential Security Service (COSIP), Adan Caceres. According to Pepca, he was also responsible for running Cáceres, along with Rossy Guzmán (La Pastora) and Rafael Núñez de Aza, the Asociación Campesina Madre Tierra company that is used to launder a large portion of the network’s money.

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Retired Army General Epifanio Peña Lebrón, who served as Cusep’s legal advisor during the Cáceres administration, is accused of registering MJ3V Agroindustrial SRL and of being one of Cáceres’ commanders.

In the case of military officer Erasmo Roger Perez Nunez, Pepca says he did not have a stake in any company between 2012-2020, only his salary at Cusep. However, he had luxury apartments with his wife that they cannot justify and that the prosecution asserts are the product of a fictitious figure.

Los de los Santos Viola

General Julio de los Santos Viola significantly increased his assets when he was Cusep’s deputy and chief of security for former president Danilo Medina, a position that Adán Cáceres would secure for him, according to Pepca.

His wife, Mrs. Maria del Alba Trinidad, and her parents, Elida Trinidad Santiago and Manuel de Jesus Alba Solano, appear as defendants on file.

Presumably, the general’s wife served as a souvenir to put the goods obtained with money stolen from Cusep in his name. While her parents also appear with a large number of properties, her real owner is General de los Santos Viola, says the Ministry of Public Affairs.

General Viola’s in-laws have been appointed over ten parcels, plots of land, a six-storey apartment, and appear as shareholders in 60% and 40% of the companies. They also have a penthouse in Torre Elsa, Gaza Strip, all this being the lady concierge and the man a hog farmer.

Viola’s brother-in-law known as Manuel Alba Trinidad, presumably listed as the owner of several buildings in the network, is also included.

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The accusation states that De los Santos Viola acquired 11 successive properties (grouped into the land), four of them in his name, one in the name of his sister Magnolia de los Santos Viola (not among the accused), and three others in the name of his nephew Rimel Pastor del Rosario Viola, the accused Officially with money laundering, two others in the name of his niece Honores Beatriz Soto de los Santos who also appear in the Becca accusation.

Torres Rubio family

Pepca included Guillermo Torres Robiou as the figurehead of the network, who is the brother of the former head of the specialized body for tourism security (Cestur), General Juan Carlos Torres Rubio.

However, Mrs. Gribbe Maria Coelho, wife of General Torres Rubio, was left out. This is despite the fact that during his administration in Konani the corrupt model of Cusep and Cestur was repeated.

These are the 30 accused from the network

  • Adam Caceres Sylvester

  • Juan Torres Rubio

  • Julio de los Santos Viola

  • Rafael Nunez de Azza

  • Raoul A. Jerón Jimenez

  • Boerges Reyes

  • Anthony Matta Flores

  • Carlos Lantegua Cruz

  • Blandismil Guzman

  • Michael Ventura

  • Russian Guzman Sanchez

  • Tanner Fleet Guzman

  • Erasmo Perez Nunez

  • Kilman Santana

  • Jose Rosario Peron

  • Johanan Rodriguez

  • Esmeralda Ortega

  • Alexander Montero

  • Epifanio Pina LeBron

  • Lucia de Santos Viola

  • Manuel Alba Solano

  • Elida Trinidad Santiago

  • Manuel Alba Trinidad

  • Rimmel Rosario Viola

  • Peter Castillo Nolasco

  • Rosa Antonia Desla

  • Honoris Beatrice Soto

  • Eric Pereira Nunez

  • Santiago A. Suarez

  • William Torres Rubio

network companies

Among the companies and churches that Pepca says were used to launder money, Único Real State; Mother Earth Peasants Association; CSNA Business Universe, SRL; Randa International Corporation, EIRL; AIdom Glass Aluminum, SRL; RG & S Financial Solutions, SRL; SSA, SRL; distributor KF, SRL; TAFL distributor, SRL; SOS Road, SRL; Optumus, EIRL; EIRL Commercial Meljo; Hacienda Kelman, SRL; Rawel Importers SRL; R&F Agroindustrial, SRL; MJ3V Agroindustrial, SRL; Jesus, Wine, Life and Return Service, The Lord Jesus Christ Baptist Church for Eternal Life. Bebka does not want to confiscate it for the benefit of the state.

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