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Who are the most satisfied medical professionals?

Who are the most satisfied medical professionals?

One of the most important decisions a doctor faces Choose a specialty. This basic step will begin with the student spending four years getting to know their chosen branch, but despite this, it will be through years of professional practice that they discover whether they are satisfied with their choice.

Although the same specialties are repeated nearly every year among those previously exhausted by the MIR mission, the Medscape Report on Physician Compensation in 2022 sheds light on this issue. In his survey, of 19,000 American health workers, they were presented with a question: Would you choose the same major again?

Among the 29 majors analyzed, the major that Top of the list is dermatology, where 99% of professionals who practice it again choose it. Undoubtedly, this indicates a high degree of satisfaction in one of the branches The most popular medicine.

Next, there is a specialty Orthopedics97 percent would choose again, and plastic surgeryIt is another option among the most popular among the population, and which 96 percent of physicians would repeat.

Completing the first places will be Gastrointestinal Diseases95 per cent, infectious diseases and ophthalmologyboth with 94 percent of professionals repeating it.

Primary care professionals, among the least satisfied

On the contrary, internists are at the bottom of the list. Only 63% of professionals choose internal medicine again. The same thing happens with toilets designated for familya branch that would replicate 68 percent.

The third with the least satisfaction in their doctors Kidney diseasewhere 73 percent will specialize in it again, followed by Emergency cases, which has 74 percent of doctors who would choose it again. However, they are nearly 10 points ahead of Interna y Familia.

Completion of the five majors that show the least degree of satisfaction among the specialists is Obstetrics/gynecologyby 76 percent.

So, Branches associated with primary care are the worst Obtained in this survey, which indicates the dissatisfaction of their specialists with regard to the years of specialization after their practice. This appears to be related to Multiple complaints That there are specialists in these areas about the treatment they receive.

Most doctors are happy with their specialty

Finally, it is worth noting that 17 of the 29 majors are above average, with 84.9 percent of professionals repeating their major, while 12 are below. This translates to More than half of the studied branches show a high degree of satisfaction by doctors.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this report is that Most doctors are satisfied with their chosen specialty And I would do it again because, even in the lower-numbered branches, that’s above 50 percent, meaning more than half would choose to specialize in it again.

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