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Which specialty will be the most chosen and surprises

Which specialty will be the most chosen and surprises

dermatology He will again be the great star of MIR on the next call. At least that’s what users who participated in the survey through social networks did medical writing. However, it will be difficult to re-validate the title, given that other disciplines such as Anesthesiology, Cardiology or Internal Medicine They also start out as adorable favorites in Mir 2023.

Which is that everything seems to indicate, according to users who participated, that these four disciplines have been added to it Plastic surgery and radiology They will be the biggest winners. Meanwhile, on the other side of the scale, the big hit will be family medicine. A near-unanimous opinion that medical students also feel “another feeling”: The household will experience a greater decline than in 2022, as 200 places in this major remained vacant after the appointment of MIR. Although she also emphasized that infectious diseases “will suffer a downturn.”

Psychiatry and Fractures, Big Surprises at MIR 2023

On the other hand, in terms of what will be the reveal of the year, there is a variety of options, although the majority of users are betting on psychiatry as the specialty that will “rise like foam”. Such as Traumatology, which they referred to as “The Great Surprise Call.” Other majors with great options to be next year’s revelation are, as health professionals and students point out, “those without guards,” such as Endocrinology, ophthalmology and rheumatology.

What are the preferred majors in MIR 2022?

In a 2022 call, Dermatology sold out in record time, 287 issues before 2021. In fact, Sofia Hasselgruber, the best MIR 2022 exam result, chose this branch, and chose the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada to train in. While, Plastic and reconstructive surgery It became the second major to be sold on the third day of judging. He did so after 203 releases from last year.

Similarly, on the other side of the scale, the specialty least chosen by residents in 2022 was family medicine. It was the branch that offered the most vacancies in the call, with 2,455 vacancies, but was not favored by future residents. They were left without 200 places, after which the Ministry of Health “in the second round” made an attempt to cover them. However, only 107 places were awarded out of the 200 available.

Although it may contain statements, statements or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional with any health-related questions.

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