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WhatsApp: so you can customize your chats notifications

WhatsApp: so you can customize your chats notifications

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Surely you wish know in detail who sent you message by The WhatsApp Without having to see your smartphone screen, if your answer is yes, then pay close attention because of this Simple setup Now you can Customize your notifications With different ringtones for each chat.

How do you configure the tone of each WhatsApp chat?

To set a specific tone for each of our chats The WhatsAppThe first thing you need to do is to confirm that you have a file Latest version available From the popular Meta app.

Then you will have to Enter the application s Search for the conversation If you want to customize your notifications, as soon as you enter the house you have to go to the area where they are Three small vertical points to display the list.

Since I became in Chat list You must choose an option “Customize Notifications” Then press the option ‘Tone’. Right in this section, you can customize how you want your phone to beep or vibrate each time that user sends you a message.

It should be noted that this option is available for both smartphones with Android or iOSSo don’t wait any longer and customize all your conversations in The WhatsApp.

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