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WhatsApp icon: How to change it and put a Christmas hat on it

WhatsApp icon: How to change it and put a Christmas hat on it

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There is no doubt that the application The WhatsApp Every time he keeps adding more followers, because Makes communication so easy Among the people, besides the fact that It is constantly updated, which allows its users to get More options when using the app.

Due to this, the application was not left behind and provided its users with facilities to Setting very Christmas style app, Since now You can put a hat on the icon of WhatsApp So there is also Enjoy these holidays.

However, before explaining How to put a birthday hat on the WhatsApp iconIt is important to know that this option is for now Only available for Android devices, so if you have iOS At the moment you will not be able to enjoy this option.

How to put a birthday hat on the WhatsApp icon?

The first step is to customize the icon The WhatsApp, so you should go in your browser to google browser and looking for one WhatsApp image with Christmas hat; Here, it is very important to The image is in PNG . formatThat is, the application logo should only stand out with the decoration and should have a transparent background.

Once you choose the image, download it; Later, you have to download a file An app called Nova Launcher. Later you have to open the app and accept your phone customization, as you have to Press and hold on the WhatsApp icon Until the “Modify” option appears.

Right at that moment, the app It will allow you to modify the icon by opening your gallery And choose the image you downloaded earlier in PNG format. When you click Save Changes, the icon appears The WhatsApp He will have changed and will go to Christmas mode.

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