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What options do I have if I do not want to appear at MIR?

What options do I have if I do not want to appear at MIR?

he The rise of the digital world mean a technological revolution In all business sectors Medicine He was no exception. The time when it was the only way out for newly graduated doctors Do MIR It has been left behind, and there is a new set of opportunities available from the hand of new technologies that focus on health. Some ‘elective’ tracks that degree students should know from their undergraduate level. So, medical writing Interviewed by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid, Elena Farawhich indicated that the work in Research centers It is one of the “best job opportunities” for this type of doctor

In this sector there are many branches. For Fara, one of the “strongest” options doctors have for contributing to the “medicine of the future” is in development artificial intelligence and machine learningwhich revolutionizes various aspects of healthcare.

According to this teacher, A.S Continuous development It will allow the analysis of large sets of medical data to aid in diagnosis, predict disease, assist in clinical decisions, and improve the efficiency of patient care systems.

Nanotechnology, a ‘strong and needed’ option

artificial intelligence It is not the only viable method Health professionals who do not wish to practice their specialty. last of The “strongest and most demanded” domains are Nano technology. In Fara’s words, they are expecting with her Advances in medication managementin tissue engineering, medical imaging, and gene therapy, among others.

Little by little, virtual medical consultations are becoming a reality within the health system, but there is still a long way to go before they are truly effective. For this reason, Fara stressed the importance of having physicians focus on Telemedicine development Thus contributing to important aspects such as remote monitoring of patients.

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To get the opinion of the doctor who is currently working at Develop new technologies focused in healthThis paper contacted the neurosurgeon and founder of Savannah, Ignacio Hernandez Medrano, Who recognized that physicians are “very highly valued” in the sector because they can Enter your knowledge in some areas of technology.

“When I was in college, I remember attending a talk about what could be done without a MIR, but there were very few things going on. With this digital boom, opportunities grew and some doctors started to become entrepreneurs or work for companies related to developing technologies. New.

The importance of the doctor’s knowledge of mathematics and programming

Having spent several years working in the technology sector, Hernandez stressed the importance for a physician to have advanced knowledge of mathematics or programming, as these skills are “very useful” when developing systems related to new digital areas in medicine, such as machine learningor artificial intelligence Working with neural networks.

And these doctors are really called data scientists. Within the research framework, those professionals who understand programming and know data science are highly valued here,” had an impact.

of other “majors” where there are more opportunities to work with Bioinformatics. In it, doctors also work with data, but in a more “scientific” way related to human genome or proteinamong other things.

“It’s important that they also see the clinical part. Not necessarily through an MIR, but through an emergency department contract or a master’s degree.”

Despite all the new job opportunities that have opened up thanks to technological advances, both interviewees agree on a common point: “It’s important for professionals to see the clinical part of medicine.”

“It’s something I would recommend. Although it doesn’t have to be through residency, doctors can go through with an ER contract or a master’s degree writing medical histories and seeing and touching patients. With that experience it’s enough for him to devote himself to something else. But only six years later From working without seeing patients, I think the doctor’s contribution is much less,” Hernandez said.

Roads without MIR are far from technological development

Clinicians who do not wish to perform an MIR do not have to devote themselves exclusively to the development of new technologies, there are other types of options that may be more in line with their future venture.

If a doctor wants to pursue a military career and link it to medicine, the viable path is to get to Military Health Authority. If instead you’d prefer something work-related within sporting events It can choose the medical examination of the workers Work at City Hall.

There is also the possibility of working within the complexes where they are located Spas and swimming pools And where the demand “rises” in the summer. But if the profession of a hygienist Dedicate yourself to controlling absenteeismFor, conducting statistical studies or reporting retirement records, there is a possibility to become a medical inspector.

Although it may contain data, data or observations from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in Redacción Médica is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional with any health-related questions.