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The Medical Sciences Branch in Cologne graduates new professionals

The Medical Sciences Branch in Cologne graduates new professionals

And joy was reflected on their faces because they had achieved an important step in life, and they had obtained titles that they graduated from Associate Medical Sciences Dr. Eusebio Hernandez of colon Thirteen nursing graduates and 16 surveillance and vector control technicians.

In the work carried out in the amphitheater of Dr. Mario Muñoz Monroy of the General Teaching Hospital, they admitted students with satisfactory results during the years of professional study.

At the Artistic Intermediate level, the most distinguished alumnus was Naidelys Ulacia Calzadilla, among the alumni is Cristian Rodríguez Martínez; in The Education of María Carla Martín Cabrera; In culture Jorge Daniel Tamayo Pino and as a prominent leader in High School Students Union (Feem) Yankel Garcia-Colazo.

Emotional was the handing over of certificates, oaths of graduates, words of thanks from teachers and parents, and putting on a cap for new nurses.

The cultural show with the troubadour Yasniel Beltrands and the Musicaribe dance group was a gift for the graduates. (ALH)

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