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The activities of the First International Conference on Applied Sciences in Sports started

The activities of the First International Conference on Applied Sciences in Sports started

In the facilities of the territory of Santos Modelo (TSM), presentations, workshops and activities of the first International Congress of Applied Sport Sciences have started, this year focused on the field of neurosciences, with both national and international committee members.

Specifically on the international panel is Mariano Canegallo, a leading neuroscience professional with extensive experience teaching in universities and professional football in Argentina, as well as advising BMW Motorrad Argentina and the Private Security Department. Halcón of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police, shared his opinion on achieving this first level event:

“It is not surprising that Santos Laguna organizes this kind of event, since for some time they have focused on working on the applied sciences of the sport, and have even been innovating in many technologies. It is truly a club that is at the forefront and pioneer in Mexico.”

The importance of neurosciences

“In the world of sports, it has become necessary today to know neuroscience, to be compatible with scientific knowledge and, of course, to keep abreast of new discoveries related to neurological processes.”

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“The facilities at Territorio Santos Modelo are great, I really like them a lot. Santos Laguna is on par with the great clubs in the world, they know how to get the most out of their infrastructure, they innovate day in day out and set guidelines so their staff can improve, as is The case with this first congress focused on neurosciences, where the specialists of the Santos club and the world of sports can gain more knowledge.

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Among the topics covered on the first day were the importance of applied sports science, the development of vision in human motor skills, the functional anatomy of the visual system, refraction and visual skills, and cognitive training in sports, among others.