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He says he lied for his boss

He says he lied for his boss

(CNN) — Michael Cohen, a key witness in Donald Trump’s historic criminal trial, was called to the stand Monday morning.

“People are calling Michael Cohen,” said attorney Susan Haffinger.

Cohen, a lawyer and “fixer” for Trump who once said he would take a bullet for his former boss, is now the only witness who can directly implicate Trump in both decisions to pay Stormy Daniels hush money shortly before 2016. In his repayment plan.

The two, who publicly berated each other, haven’t been in the same room together since Cohen testified in a brief but tense appearance at Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York last fall.

Cohen is the 20th witness called by the prosecution in the current criminal trial. We present some of the statements made by Trump’s former lawyer on the stand.

Michael Cohen trumps Stormy Daniels

Michael Cohen.

Cohen says Trump sometimes lied and bullied people

Attorney Haffinger he asked If Michael Cohen sometimes lies in favor of Donald Trump.

“Yes, ma’am,” Cohen replied.

mug He also asked For Cohen if he sometimes intimidates people. “Yes,” Cohen said. Referring to Donald Trump, he said “the only thing on my mind” was to finish the job “to make him happy”.

Cohen: ‘Wonderful’ Working for Trump Those 10 Years

Michael Cohen story Experience working for Donald Trump.

“It was awesome,” Cohen said. “Working for him, especially those 10 years… was an incredible experience in many ways. There were great moments.”

“There were less than great moments, but for the most part I enjoyed the responsibilities I was given. I enjoyed working with my colleagues in the Trump Organization. Trump’s children. It’s a little family,” Cohen said.

(Credit: Christine Cornell)

Cohen says dealing with the press is “part” of his job and his goal is to present positive stories about Trump.

Michael Cohen declared Communicating with journalists is a “part” of his job.

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Cohen said he has pushed the media for positive stories about Trump: “If there’s an article that upsets him, I’ll talk to them about it.”

Cohen describes the various problems he has solved for Trump

Michael Cohen talked about the various problems he solved for Trump

“Using the press as an example, they said something that angered him and I would contact the press and express their demand to edit or remove the article or we would take action against them,” he said.

“I would say yes,” replied When asked if Cohen was aggressive. “Not all the time. Often.”

Cohen says it’s ‘essential’ Trump keeps up-to-date on his work

Prosecutor Susan Haffinger he asked If part of Michael Cohen’s job was updating Donald Trump on his work.

“It was really necessary,” Cohen testified.

A US justice must decide Trump's immunity claim

Donald Trump.

“If he gives you something, ‘Keep me informed, let me know what’s going on, what he’s saying, what everybody did, and when you get the results and the answer, you can go back and say to him, especially if it’s an issue about him,'” Cohen testified.

Michael Cohen explained Donald Trump always wanted to know what was going on.

“If you don’t give him information right away and he knows it some other way, it doesn’t look good to you,” he said of his days working in the Trump Organization.

Cohen says it’s fair to describe him as Trump’s ‘fixer’

Michael Cohen said Describing him as Donald Trump’s “fixer” is “fair.”

Asked if he’s been called Trump’s fixer, he said, “Yes, some people have described me that way.”

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Trump’s eyes were practically closed during Cohen’s testimony.

With reporting by CNN’s Cara Scannell, Lauren Del Valle and Jeremy Herb.

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