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What can we expect from Apple’s October 2023 event?

What can we expect from Apple’s October 2023 event?

Today, at 6pm (Central Mexico time), A Virtual event By company Cupertino.

about him Apple event October, which will be broadcast on the company’s official website, in addition to Suppressed We will have full coverage of the ads you make Manzana.

So far there are many assumptions about the announcements that the company will make and everything indicates that it will be about something related to it MacThis is because in the invitation sent by the company, in addition to seeing a logo ManzanaYou can also see your logo OS For computers.

But so far everything is a hypothesis because the company has not revealed more details about it, so perhaps we will have more surprises than we expect.

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So far, all we know is that it might Manzana It will introduce new updates in its line Mac And MacBook. According to information received from Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist who previously provided previews of the company’s announcements, the company will announce new devices that include some Follower MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches.

As I mentioned in August, Manzana It has been tested MacBook Pro M3 Max And M3 Pro 14 and 16 inches. This includes up to 16 CPU cores and 40 GPU cores, paving the way for their most powerful laptops yet,” the journalist announced via his X account.

Likewise, it was announced that Apple started working on a new iMac a few months ago and would very likely introduce it today. According to Gorman, in this new device “there are no significant changes other than the chip, but the internal design of the support has been modified.”

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Gorman also confirmed that A MacBook Air 13 and 15 inches with M3 chipsHowever, she believes that these announcements will not be issued until next year.

At the moment, it is still unknown what he will offer Manzana Today, maybe that’s all Gorman told us or maybe we’ll get some surprises.

Remember to stay updated on our website social networks To know the details minute by minute Apple event October 2023.

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