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Luis Miguel announces a historic ceremony at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium;  Find out all the details

Luis Miguel announces a historic ceremony at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium; Find out all the details

What seemed unthinkable a long time ago is only a few months away from becoming a reality, since the Mexican singer Luis Miguel He announced Monday that he will perform a concert on July 6, 2024 at the stadium Santiago Bernabeuwhich is the place where he will set his foot for the first time in history to make the audience shake with his greatest songs.

The artist included Pete real madrid For his tour next year, which will start in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) on January 17, three days before he is scheduled to announce the shows of his return to the stage.

an unforgettable night

The return of “Sol de México” to Spanish territory is made possible by the companies Iglesias Entertainment, Fénix Entertainment and CMN Events, in a solidarity initiative led by the Foundation. real madridpresent in nearly a hundred countries and which has nearly 100 thousand beneficiaries on five continents to which a portion of the benefits of the concert will go.

Pre-sale of tickets for Real Madrid members is expected to begin. It will be Friday, November 10, at 4 p.m. local Madrid time, when the general sale begins on the Ticketmaster platform, in what promises to be one of the biggest shows of 2024 in the Spanish capital.

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Legendary tour

Luis Miguel returned to the stage last August in Argentina with a new tour that will continue in 2024 throughout America and Europe. Since 2017, the Mexican artist has not given a concert in Spain. That year the tour celebrated their final album: “México por siempre”.


Very busy schedule

Before arriving in Spain, Luis Miguel had over fifty concerts planned in over fifteen countries in Latin America, the United States and Canada.

The organization responsible for promoting “Sol de México” explained that in their concerts, the repertoire focuses on their romantic songs, their most popular moments, their forays into ranchera and even songs from their first phase as a teen idol. . A complete review of his entire career.

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Repercussions on your health?

Is Luis Miguel facing another health problem? These are the doubts that were raised after a video spread on social media several days ago, in which the singer was seen complaining of pain in his lower back. The photos worried millions of “Soul” fans.

They caught Luis Miguel suffering from back pain in the middle of a concert

Given Louismi’s distinctive movements on stage, some of his followers suggested that he might be suffering from sciatica, a pain that runs along the sciatic nerve, from the lower back to one or both legs.

Since “El Sol de México” is very secretive regarding his private life, nothing is certain about his current health condition, well remember that he continues to work on his 2023 tour.

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