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"Queremos nuestros trabajos", vociferan choferes de ruta donde entrará en operación corredor Charles de Gaulle

“We want our jobs,” drivers shout on the road as the Charles de Gaulle Pass will be operational

Public motorists in the northern region of Santo Domingo announced themselves on Saturday morning Against the entry of the new bus lane into operation On the rue Charles de Gaulle that will run on Monday.

Dozens of post workers, holding banners in their hands, stood at the roundabout of Villa Mila, repeatedly shouting “We want our job!”

Drivers matching this route The ‘fear’ of unemployment Following the inclusion of new lanes that will replace the common carriers that have been doing their business there for more than 20 years.

“We will not allow ourselves to be replaced, with one hand forward and one behind us, we do not want them to give us anything, Just let’s work”said Pablo Acosta Murillo, Charles de Gaulle Road Drivers Leader.

Murillo stressed that those present at the rally “have no problems” with the runners joining, because he understands it is “advancement” for the country, however, they do not justify the fact that they want to take them off the track.

We are ready to share the space, Like we do with other carriers, but they don’t want to take it out. Where do we get our food every day? ‘ asked Murillo himself in a conversation with journalists from this newspaper.

For his part, Eric Sousa, one of the three drivers’ representatives, explained that when Metropolitan Bus Service Office (Omsa)that the public motorway “continued to operate without problems”.

On Monday, the new Charles de Gaulle riders will be ready to start their route, but the drivers admitted to Listín Diario that they will also go to work at the same time every day, so”They should be ready to fight.”.

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