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Walmart will open 150 new stores in the United States

Walmart will open 150 new stores in the United States

For Walmart, 2023 was a period marked by the closing of more than two dozen stores in the United States. However, this new year, the retail giant aims to open around 150 new locations across the country.

In this sense, John Forner, President and CEO of Walmart, said that over the next five years they plan to build or convert more than 150 stores.

All this, while continuing the current store redesign program. We're talking about an investment of millions of dollars, spread across labor, supplies and tax revenue.

What will the new stores opened by Walmart be like?

A statement issued by the company highlights that the first two stores to be opened will be located in neighborhood markets. In fact, they are scheduled to be held later this spring in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia.

On the other hand, 12 new projects that will start during 2024 are in the process of finalizing construction plans.

In addition, the retail giant also converted one of its smaller locations into a Walmart Supercenter.

The new stores will reflect the store concept of the future, with enhanced designs, expanded product options and innovative technologies.

All this in order to help partners provide better customer support.

Likewise, the new facilities will be designed with sustainability in mind and will include more energy-efficient equipment and lighting, and lower-impact chillers.

Additionally, a coast-to-coast network of affordable electric vehicle fast-charging stations is currently in the works.

After Walmart closed at least two dozen stores in 2023, it is now issuing a response to customer and employee uncertainty. Therefore, the retail giant is establishing itself as one of the largest employers in the United States.