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A woman denounces that Coppel does not record the payments she makes on her loan  News from Mexico

A woman denounces that Coppel does not record the payments she makes on her loan News from Mexico

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Tearfully, a BanCoppel customer reported on social media that the store's system didn't record some of the payments she had already made for the loan she requested.

Mexico.- Testimony of a woman registered in the past January 7 On Tik Tok account Reality TV stargained importance on several digital platforms in February.

In the video, the woman, who looks clearly sad, narrates her experience in a store coupleWhere to request a loan from? BanCoppelBut he confirms that many of his payments They are not registered correctly in the system.

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Define yourself as Single motherThe woman expresses her deep dissatisfaction with what happened. He described the situation as unfair.

“Good evening, it's January 2, I came here to the Coppel store to make a payment at BanCoppel, where they gave me a loan, and where they don't reflect all my payments in their system. I want justice!” said the woman.

The post has been created A wave of solidarity on social networkswith users Express your support and share similar experiences. Moreover, it has raised the interest of the authorities and public opinion regarding possible violations in BanCoppel payment registration system.

In the comments, more people joined in to share Bad experiences In the mentioned store:

  • 280 Cissy Maldonado said: Is your loan from BanCoppel or a Copel store? I worked there and one of the managers canceled the payments and kept the money.
  • Anna Laura C said:: With the BanCoppel app your payments and statement appear, go to Conduceff.
  • Mago leva He said: BanCoppel also applied it to me, I paid off my credit card and after years of wanting to go to Coppel they told me I had BanCoppel debt.
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