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“Airplane”-style cars were opened in the New York subway: the first city in the country to have them

“Airplane”-style cars were opened in the New York subway: the first city in the country to have them

The New York subway's Line C opened yesterday the first “airplane”-style subway cars in the United States, a seamless model that allows passengers to walk freely from tip to tail of the train., Making it easier to find a seat and get in and out faster.

Amidst MTA celebrations Lawsuits opposing controversially charging motorists to reduce congestion in Manhattan threaten funding for this and other innovations. I caught up with New York Governor Kathy Hochul as the first open-lane train ran into service yesterday morning.

The new R211T trains have an accordion connection between the cars, much like MTA buses. Designed to accelerate ascent and Reducing the amount of time trains stay at stations. them too Very useful in case passengers have to move if they feel their safety is threatened.

Currently, only two “Trains of the Future” operate on the C Line between Washington Heights (Upper Manhattan) and East New York (Brooklyn). He noted that Hochul's maiden voyage was the first time an open-bridge train had operated in the modern history of subway transportation in the United States. Letters of News.

In the middle of the last century, other New York subway cars also allowed freedom of internal movement, but they clearly have not progressed today.

Unlike other foreign cities, “this will be the first time these rail cars have been deployed in North America,” Hochul noted.

But money needed to pay for new trains and other MTA improvements is at risk.Then fund trains and improve signals on the A Line that runs through Rockaway and Brownsville Depends on approval of congestion pricing, Officials noted.

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“We want to make sure we can adequately fund our five-year capital plan, and that depends on the plan continuing to move forward with congestion pricing without further delay,” Hochul said.

MTA CEO and Chairman Jano Lieber said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and other officials have filed what he called “frivolous lawsuits” that could derail new trains and other projects. The borough of Staten Island (NYC) also opposes the controversial fees circulating in Manhattan.

The plan was controversial from its inceptionEspecially among private transportation drivers. Bhairavi Desai, Director, Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) He said in a statement that the rates plan is “a reckless proposal that will devastate the entire workforce.”