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This is the flight schedule for February!

This is the flight schedule for February!

Officials at Cuba's Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara, central Cuba, announced the flight schedule for the month of February to and from the aforementioned air station. Flights from Canada continue to take over operations at this airport near the northern keys of Villa Clara.

according to InformationCanadian carrier Air Transat will continue to call on multiple frequencies, 9 weekly operations, from cities such as Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Halifax and Ottawa. Every day they have two operations, except for Sunday, when they have one operation.

The Canadian airline with the highest number of flights in February to Santa Clara is Sunwing, with 21 operations per week, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays being the ones with the highest number of flights, with 4 on those days. In addition, they return to Cienfuegos Airport, with two flights every Friday, from Montreal and Toronto.

Also from Canada, the national carrier Air Canada flies to Santa Clara. With two weekly operations, on Mondays and Wednesdays, origin and destination are in Montreal.

More flights from Santa Clara in February

In addition to Canadian flights, other foreign airlines will operate in Santa Clara in February. One of them is Copa Airlines Panama. With three weekly operations with origin and destination Panama City. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

World2Fly will continue to operate on the following frequencies, a weekly operation. Tuesdays with departure and destination to Prague, in the Czech Republic, and Bratislava, in Slovakia. Mexico's Viva Aerob├║s will also fly a weekly flight, with origin and destination in Cancun, Mexico, every Wednesday.

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How were the flights from USA to Santa Clara? American Airlines will maintain a daily flight from Miami in February. While the Havanator charters remained this way.

With 16 weekly operations. Monday operation with origin and destination Miami. Tuesday two operations with origin and destination Miami. Wednesday 3 operations, one operation with origin Tampa and destination Miami, one operation with origin Miami and destination Tampa and another to Miami. Thursday also two operations to Miami and Tampa. Friday, three operations, all from Miami. Sunday 5 operations distributed between Miami and Tampa.

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