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Victoria presents the surprise in La Ceiba and describes Real Spain as a beating at the start of the Clausura Championship 2022

Victoria presents the surprise in La Ceiba and describes Real Spain as a beating at the start of the Clausura Championship 2022


the Brava Crab in Victoria The road to redemption began in a big way after the humiliation with a score of 4-1 Royal Spain In the duel corresponding to the first day of the conclusion of 2022 from National League from Honduras.

led Suleiman Nizar Ceibeños is one of the clubs that has strengthened the most in this tournament and in their first match of the tournament players such as Harold Fonseca, Danilo Tobías, Arnaldo Urbina, Allan Banegas, Carlos Róchez and Luis Hurtado made their debut in the starting 11, who reached the team for this tournament.

The win is important to Gaibeus as they now add 17 points in the overall table, moving away from Platense Colista who has 6 units and this Thursday from those of the Maradiaga “Primitive” They are going to visit a marathon.

For its part, the Real España machine started the tournament in the worst way and was weighed down by the absence of many of its numbers due to the fact that it has reported 11 positive cases of Covid-19 and also the infection of key players such as Bubba Lopez and Jason Mejia.

Raul “El Potro” Gutierrez’s side sent 11 starts with youngsters like Brian Ramos, Junior Garcia, Mason Gutay and Daniel Melendez, as well as debutant Tico defender Herel Saravia, who returned after his stint at the club in 2019.

Objectives made in Siberia

The excitement of the match started in the first part and the scoring opened after only five minutes. Experienced defender Jose Velasquez Colon took advantage of the bounce provided by young goalkeeper Brian Ramos and was responsible for sending the ball into the net.

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aurinegros continued to attack and were able to reply immediately after top scorer Ramiro Rocca leveled the scoreboards with a penalty kick in the 21st minute after a foul by speedy Carlos Bernárdez in the area by Damin Ramírez.

Football always gives revenge and Damien Ramirez From the Ceibeño team can claim. At 10, Jaiba Brava received a stunning deep pass from Luis Hurtado and, being without any mark in the area, elegantly beat the Masters goalkeeper.

The locals continued the good football and the Cuban Yaudel Lahera He was present at the party by scoring the third goal in the 38th minute after pushing the ball into the small area by anticipating a defensive return to the visit.

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“El Potro” Gutiérrez animated the painting in the supplemental segment with entry by Maikel García and Miguel Carrasco, who replaced Myron Flores and Mason Gutay.

The masters approached the Cibino region but could not make the local team suffer. In the 50th minute, Argentine Ramiro Roca hit his right hand in the area that goalkeeper Harold Fonseca was able to save.

Professor Salomon Nizar brought on Marco Tulio Vega in the 64th minute and seconds later was on the verge of making his debut when he fired a header past the goal.

Already in the final phase of commitment, Jaiba Brava wrapped up the win with a penalty kick Marcelo Canals In the 87th minute after being trampled in the area by Kevin Alvarez on Marco Tulio Vega.

Time ran out and Victoria was able to enjoy a great victory. The next day they will continue to play at home and this time they will receive Real Sociedad in a match that will take place on Saturday 22 January.

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In a day, he will visit Real Spain Platency At the Excélsior stadium in Puerto Cortés where they will seek to raise the terrible image that appears in La Ceiba.