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Argentinian coach German Nos coaches Honduras thanks to Pedro Truglio's recommendation

Argentinian coach German Nos coaches Honduras thanks to Pedro Truglio’s recommendation


sideritos, L club.iga de Ascension Honduran football, Enhanced to compete in Clausura 2022 where she will aspire to reach National League.

The Choluteca-based team has been mulling signing a new coach who brings a high-carat letter of recommendation to the local field.

Argentinian Peter Truglio It was the key piece for Sedritos to achieve this helmsman appointment, as he was consulted about his qualities and gave Troglio, of Buenos Aires, his best reference which the leadership of this promotion team did not hesitate to sign.

it’s about German Noss Former Argentine player and coach now 44 years , He played in more than ten clubs in his country between the first, second and third divisions. he met Peter Truglio When both footballers coincide 1997 and 1999 playing for Gymnastics and fencing La Plata.

Maximiliano Duarte, the coach’s representative, was the link for the Argentine to come to Honduras.

Noce retired from football in 2014 Deciding to become a strategist, he started as a camp assistant Sergio Bennett Later and be from Rosario Jose Maria Bianco By which he achieved promotion to the first national rank B in agriculture Charles Casares.

He developed his career in the third degree, but now, as a reference for what he has done Troglio in Honduras, decided to come to Central America in search of success.

“This is my first experience in the area. Pedro Troglio He advised me to guide Cedros, spoke with the chief and it filled me with great joy personally. troglio He said in an interview with Ten night.

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He adds: “With troglio We were partners in Gymnastics and fencing La Plata. He was a great player, we are very good friends. I know too Manuel Cousian“, Says.

About the reasons that prompted him to come to the country, German He asserts that it is to “add experience and try to make history in the team and the people in it.” Orocuina is very soccer I will endeavor to give you many joys. troglioI, like the other Argentina coaches, have done great things in the country, and I also hope to contribute my part,” he admits.

at the time of the interview, German News He joked about the weather in southern Honduras because “Now I’m under a tree, it’s very hot here, but it’s normal. Food is very good, I try to adapt. People are very friendly and ask me about the team. I feel supported, here we all have to go to the same page.”

When asked about his biographical data, Nos said, “He is a footballer, I played in the first and second branches of my country. Later, when I retired, I began the adventure as a coach with Jose Maria Blanco. I worked in all the categories until I reached the first. Then I was in Bolivia and had The opportunity to come to Central America where there is a lot of talent.”

His goals are clear, “We are looking to put together a competitive team. The first thing is to strive to rank Liguilla. From there, see if we can go up to the First Division” and for this “we have many youngsters, others with experience have arrived and the idea is to form a competitive team.” So far they’ve stuck with the reinforcements I requested and we’re on the right track. We have to arrive at a good rhythm at the start of the tournament in February.”

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From what he saw in Honduran football it is “strong and technical. What it lacks is the tactical part. They will learn that when we give them a clear idea of ​​the game. My philosophy is to win. Sometimes you play badly, you win and you lose doing it well. I am from Carlos School.” Salvador Bilardo, I win as it is.”

Giving more detail about his strategy, he concluded, “My system varies with competitors. 4-4-2 is what I use the most, but the most important thing is to have a clear idea of ​​the game.”