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Victor 'Pocho' Guzmán assumes that he will no longer be called upon, after past grievances

Victor ‘Pocho’ Guzmán assumes that he will no longer be called upon, after past grievances

Victor ‘Pocho’ Guzmán will lend his support to the elements that will be in the friendly match against Paraguay by resigning to be considered for the Mexican national team.

Victor Guzman He shrugs and confesses:Qatar 2022 It already looks a bit off.” Pocho finished the Mexican title with the most goals and assists in Liga MX last season, although he did not convince Gerardo “Tata” Martino, the team’s coach. mexican national teamOn its way to the World Cup later this year.

“I wasn’t surprised not to see my name, because from the start and from the previous tournament, it was seen that no matter how good someone was physically, scoring goals and giving assists, it wouldn’t happen. Consider it unfair that you were at a good time and not called up or for friendly matches. The only thing left It is work and support Victor GuzmanPachuca midfielder.

In process Gerardo MartinoThe “Pocho” Guzman He only had the chance to play 19 minutes, in 2019, in a match against Paraguay, the same rival that Tricolor face tomorrow. On that day, “Tata” Martino told Pachuca that he “needs strength” and never spoke to him again.

“They never explained it to me, and I never spoke. It was on his first call, and that’s what he said to me. He’s the one who decides and does what’s at hand to be called, but if the coach decides to call the others, the only thing left is support” , shows the player who was about to play in Chivas.

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Last call to try to reach her Qatar 2022Across mexican national team, is the match against Paraguay to be played in Atlanta, United States. This game is an opportunity for players who are not yet convinced Gerardo “Tata” Martinobefore taking the rankings in the World Cup.

“These games were supposed to show up, be noticed, but we see what’s going on, I’m neither here nor in us. If it seems a little far away (Qatar 2022), Companions are at a good level and only support remains. Like all good Mexicans, I wish them the best.” Victor “Pocho” Guzmanthe item that was deleted from mexican national team.