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USA.  Sebastian Cordova admits to being afraid to play Concachampions

USA. Sebastian Cordova admits to being afraid to play Concachampions

Mexico City /

performance Olympiad On his visit to USA On the Concachampions, A continuation left in azulcrema, as they realized they were afraid to face the quarter-finals against Portland Timbers.

Sebastian Cordova, one of Four players from the Eagles That ended in a coup against the Honduran national team, and indicated that there was a state of uncertainty How will the judgment work? After the disastrous performance of Henry Bejarano, who He did not put an end to the aggression During the meeting.

“Truth Yes, there is more fear than arbitrationThey beat you and they do not take anything from the cards and do not take care of you in any way, you realize that they are hitting you more and they give you more They will keep giving you There is no cure for rulers. Nothing more to this arbitration issue Yes, there is a little fearBut what can you play with, you can play without problems, “the midfielder told ESPN.

They go with everything for the tournament

Cordova He came off with a hip kick in that match and since then has not played for the Eagles, though Santiago Solari I was hoping to get it for CONCACAFIt is a challenge that the player wants to face because the desire to win the series is great.

“As a player You always want to play and that doesn’t changeIf they ask us to play a match, I am delighted and it will always be the same no matter the circumstances and on the other hand, I must always thank the fans for their support and let them know that we always We have ambition and hunger To be a hero in any tournament. “

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When does America play at Concachampions?

The the Eagles They will face the first leg of the CONChampions quarter-finals vs. Portland Timbers This Wednesday at 9:30 pm from central Mexico.