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Nicole Regner confesses after leaving EXATLON


Nicole Renier is part of Team Famosos.

Few hours have passed since Nicole Regner Been excluded from EXATLON, In “The Yellow Circle”, after the Colombian was chosen by the Reds’ president, Jeffer Centron, to face Nicole Diaz.

And during the followers of Vamosus team Grieve to leave From the soccer player, as evidenced by among the other great athletes on the Telemundo show: Nathalia Sánchez and Norma Palafox, who couldn’t hide the pain caused by Renner’s departure, the Colombian devoted some kind words to her loyal fans.

distance Say goodbye to the Dominican Republic, The 26-year-old athlete, who described her time at EXATLON as the university she had never gone to, and admitted she was “very strange” and a bit sullen “like a 50-year-old woman in her body,” a little girl, was thanking his fans.

Not only did Nicole post an emotional video of what was her time on EXATLON, but she also wanted to open her heart to her. More than 400K followers on InstagramAnd before he resumed his normal life, he admitted. The blonde revealed that now, after watching the Telemundo show, she is a completely different woman from the one who has arrived and learned to tolerate difference.

“Today I want to thank very much !!! God first. I feel lucky, to my family that I know have suffered more from TV than me, to all exatlon fans, thank you without limits, you are the ones who make it worthwhile, thank you for all the support !!! She commented in her letter.

“To the exatlonestadosunidos of infinite gratitude, you have changed my life, you have taught me that the simplest things are what make life truly wonderful. I have learned to love and tolerate all people, despite the differences, to work as a team, they have taken my body and mind to the fullest. But above all, as a human being. Through you I met colleagues who became friends and then family members. They corrected me, taught me, they were always there, moments when I thought I could not stand it anymore. Thank you for being unconditional with me. Today I am proud that I left me Everyone, thank you without limits, ”said the Colombian.

As expected, Nicole’s sincere farewell message prompted her followers to respond with affection and admiration.

“Thank you … you are an excellent athlete and the best, you are able to recognize your mistakes. But I really don’t want you to leave. God knows why things happen. Thank you Go ahead with your new projects,” a fan commented sadly, Nicole.

“You are a very beautiful person !!! I love you so much and what is the pride that you did” and “Nicole, we will miss you – I like you so much and I am proud of you. I have cried a lot or more of you. I have known you since I first started. You seem like me in something … They tell me why I’m so serious, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. What happens is that we are all different, “added two fans hurt by the talented athlete’s elimination.

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