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Shakira y Piqué

Unusual circumstances for a footballer so that Shakira has custody of their children

Gerrard Piquewho is starring in Controversial breakup with Shakirapreparing to Start a new season with FC Barcelona.

however, The Spanish footballer also has his mind about separating property with his ex-partner s Nursery for their two childrenMilano and Sasha.

Since the beginning of the split between the stars, it has been known that Shakira planned to move with her two children to MiamiBut Pique did not agree with this decision and Kasserine was not authorized to leave Barcelona.

Despite this situation, the controversy over Milan and Sasha’s custody appears to be over, and that Barcelona’s central defender would have set a strange condition for Shakira to be able to Start a new life in the United States

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According to the program hot tableAnd the Gerard Pique would have asked two things to accept that Shakira is under guardianship their children Both were given permission to leave Barcelona.

The first is that Shakira is accused of tax fraud In Spain, – Settlement of a debt owed to the football player in excess of 400 thousand dollars.

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Pique and Shakira announced their separation on June 4, 2022 amid various rumors about the Spanish footballer’s alleged infidelity. (Free press photo: AFP)

Likewise, Pique’s second condition is that The Colombian singer buys him first-class airline tickets so that he can visit his children in Miami at least five times a year.

The alleged circumstances of the Barcelona football player could have been revealed just two days after a letter was sent to Shakira in which Expresses his desire to carry his separation peacefully for the welfare of their children.

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“I wish you the best. What is important is the happiness and well-being of our children,” was the supposed message that Shakira received from her ex-partner.