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Toni Costa and her daughter Alaa finally meet again: Adamari Lopez shared the moment

Toni Costa and her daughter Alaa finally meet again: Adamari Lopez shared the moment

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AlaaAnd the daughter of Adamari Lopez s Tony CostaAnd the He was very familiar with the final match of the second season of the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos 2”. Namely, the seven-year-old was so excited to see her father on TV that day because in addition to deciding the winner, it was also the moment she saw him again many months later.

After Hector Sandarte revealed it Tony Costa He was the fourth winner of the Telemundo reality show, Adamari has been encouraging his young daughter at all timesAnd the Well, tell him that even though his dad didn’t get the award, he’s a winner too.

So after completing the program, the long-awaited meeting of father and daughter was recorded in a video that the host of the morning “Hoy Día” posted on her social networks.

She posted on her Facebook account a video clip showing that Alaa is very excited to see her father who greeted him with a big hug and also because she brought him the fourth place medal that she got from her participation in the reality show and a stuffed animal

And Adamari Lopez revealed that the medal has a special symbolism since the number 4, in which Alaa Ay was born on March 4, in addition to the favorite color blue. Tony Costais the same one who entered the “famous house”.

At the beginning of the clip he shared on his site, Adamari said: “Alaa is happy because my father is here and I am happy because my daughter’s happiness is my happiness, so I will show you a small video of how they met yesterday.” Facebook profile.

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Tony Costa took over bowling

after a few hours, Tony Costa He shared in his stories that after their reunion, and after several months of separation, they went to a place that Alla really liked.

One of the activities that her daughter enjoys and entertains the most is bowling, so after so much time away, the first thing I did was spend time with her and please her.

Watch here a video of the reunion between Alaïa and Toni Costa