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University of Medical Sciences under the magnifying glass of national accreditation

University of Medical Sciences under the magnifying glass of national accreditation

Las Tunas: With the aim of improving the quality of teaching and training processes developed in higher education, the University of Medical Sciences of Las Tunas, Zuilo Marinello, has obtained the National Accreditation Board and officially started its external evaluation process. The institution was preparing.

On the grounds of Las Tunas, the delegation composed of distinguished professionals from several provinces learned about the transformation process that has been carried out at the university since 2009 with the aim of achieving the quality standards approved in the training of professionals from the province and from other countries.
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Dr. Maria Elena Moawad Santos, Dean of the University of Medical Sciences, explained the importance of this academic event for the institution and its expectations to be at the forefront. She confirmed that, as of Monday, members of the Technical Evaluation Committee of the Board of Directors will join the National Accreditation Authority. The National Accreditation Authority will conduct exchanges with students, professors, teachers and graduates, In addition to reviewing residents’ documents.

The university president presented the strategy of caring for the university community and various support for social institutions and higher education. He also highlighted the impact of extension projects in transition communities and their connection to the state plan and life mission.

As a precursor to the evaluation process, in the past five years the university has strengthened the impact of its undergraduate and graduate programs through the accreditation of multiple disciplines, scientific innovation, and faculty training and improvement.

Currently, more than 4,700 undergraduate and graduate students are trained at the institution, including 30 foreigners from seven countries, who are trained in 60 specialties.

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In support of the Higher House of Studies, a representative of the University of Las Tunas and the regional delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment attested to the value of the alliances with the institution and the quality of its professionals and teaching processes. general.

The university is distinguished by enrolling 200 students in the vertical training program through which university training is brought closer to higher education in specialties such as pediatrics, neonatology, internal medicine and pediatric intensive care.

The Center offers comprehensive training in short trades, technical trades and in undergraduate and postgraduate specialisations, in line with current requirements to ensure the vitality and continuity of the “White Coat Brotherhood”.