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Three European projects on climate change are on display in the Science Park

Three European projects on climate change are on display in the Science Park

On Tuesday, the new temporary exhibition “Climate Change: The Global Challenge” opened. IT is up to you!’

Editorial | December 19, 2023

Opening of the temporary exhibition “Climate Change: The Global Challenge”. IT is up to you!’ Christian Fernandez)

Smart EcoMountains, TechEthos and SpaceEU address the challenge of climate change from three very different but complementary perspectives, presenting technological innovations that are currently being implemented to monitor and mitigate the effects of changing temperatures. The ethical dimension is present in the development of these developments and takes center stage in the exhibition’s discourse.

The Sierra Nevada is the starting point for explaining how ecosystems function in global change scenarios thanks to Smart EcoMountains’ actions. Its impact on habitat transformation is captured by images captured by the European Space Agency’s EO Browser satellite.

The dissemination of the opportunities and benefits offered by climate change science and engineering is complemented by the presentation of the ethical challenges and boundaries discussed and identified by citizens of six European countries within the framework of the TechEthos project.

The exhibition, which will be open to the public as of today, and at least during the first half of 2024, included, among representatives of other institutions and society in general, the presence of Pedro Mercado, Dean of the University of Granada; José Mateus, General Director of Sustainable Development of the Granada Provincial Council; Francisco de Assis Muñoz, director of the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park and Amparo Sánchez, Amparanoya singer.

After the press conference, the attendees toured the information resources exhibition guided by Regino Zamora, scientific coordinator of the Smart EcoMountains project, and lived the experience of touring the Sierra Nevada Natural Park on board a virtual reality simulator that was installed in the exhibition for visitors’ use and enjoyment, in addition to a gallery of selected photos from Sierra Nevada Photography Contest.

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Smart environmental mountains project
Smart EcoMountains is an institutional project of the University of Granada linked to the European Research Infrastructure LifeWatch-ERIC to develop a thematic center on biodiversity, global change and sustainable development in mountains. With a local dimension and international outlook, the Sierra Nevada (south-eastern Iberian Peninsula) is used as a case study.

The mission of Smart Ecomountains is, on the one hand, to generate information on biodiversity, ecosystem services and global change in mountain ecosystems, and to apply a data management plan that ensures that all information collected is reliable, traceable, accessible, interoperable, reusable and On the other hand, developing new technological tools and services that make it easier for scientists to share, locate, access and analyze data, in order to improve our knowledge of mountain ecosystems and key change processes. In addition to creating educational content and management tools to inform society about the most important global change processes affecting biodiversity and mountain ecosystem services, and supporting managers, political leaders and citizens in making decisions on a scientific basis.


Opening of the temporary exhibition “Climate Change: The Global Challenge”. IT is up to you!’ Christian Fernandez)

Tech Ethos Project
The Science Park is the only Spanish center participating in the European TechEthos project in which 16 research centers, universities and associations from 13 countries participate. Funded by the Horizon 2020 program and coordinated by the Austrian Institute of Technology, its goal is to create ethical codes that support the implementation of three emerging technologies: climate engineering, digital extended reality, and neurotechnology.

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This project’s contribution to the exhibition focuses on climate change engineering – a technology less known to the public – and presents the findings and ethical recommendations developed within the framework of the project with the participation of various social sectors.

SpaceEU project
This project, coordinated by Leiden University and in which the Science Park also collaborated, is integrated into the exhibition with a comparison of landscape images viewed through the free EO browser platform; An application that provides easy access to images and data obtained from Sentinel satellites and many other Earth observation satellites.

MasterChef judges with the director of the Science Park and representatives of institutions (SCIENCE PARK)

12/11/2023 | Drafting

The second program will be broadcast this Tuesday, with the museum serving as the venue for auditions for the thirteen young applicants

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The Science Park hosts an exhibition that showcases some of the major technical developments that have emerged in recent decades